Longbow Immunotherapy Launches ReACT, A Novel CAR-T Platform Targeting Solid Tumors

Longbow Immunotherapy Launches ReACT, A Novel CAR-T Platform Targeting Solid Tumors

Longbow Immunotherapy Launches ReACT, A Novel CAR-T Platform Targeting Solid Tumors

MILWAUKEE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Longbow Immunotherapy, a newly formed biotech advancing solid tumor therapy, announced its formation and exclusive license of the ReACT platform from the Versiti Blood Research Institute.

ReACT (Re-energized adoptive cell transfer), combines CAR-T cell therapy with microbial immunotherapies, such as bacteria and oncolytic viruses, to synergistically treat solid tumors. Invented by Dr. Weiguo Cui, senior investigator, Versiti Blood Research Institute, ReACT T cells possess tumor targeting receptors as well as an added receptor that extends T cell activity when in the presence of tumor specific microbial immunotherapies. Its advantages include modification of the tumor microenvironment, localized activity, broad targeting of tumor antigens, and prevention of T cell exhaustion.

Longbow’s initial target for ReACT is bladder cancer, where Dr. Cui has engineered immune cells to express a novel CAR recognizing BCG, the standard of care in post resection bladder cancer therapy. The ReACT-BCG construct has been evaluated in a mouse model of bladder cancer, where it showed significant improvements in survival, tumor volume and immune cell markers. Dr. Cui said, “Currently, 60% of bladder cancer patients will experience recurrence within two years of tumor resection. ReACT has the potential to radically improve the prognosis for these patients.”

Longbow also plans to extend the application of ReACT beyond initial bladder cancer uses, as ReACT T cells can be engineered to recognize and synergize with any bacterial immunotherapy or oncolytic virus targeting solid tumors. Kurt Rote, Co-Founder, stated, “For years, the field has been wanting to combine immunotherapy bacteria and oncolytic virus with CAR-T cells. Longbow is doing so in a novel, synergistic fashion, and is dedicated to getting this promising treatment to patients.”

About Longbow Immunotherapy

Longbow Immunotherapy is a preclinical CAR-T company focused on solid tumor applications. Please contact info@longbowimmunotherapy.com for more information.

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