Luna Collaborates with Scripps to Expand Health System At-Home Care Services

Luna Collaborates with Scripps to Expand Health System At-Home Care Services

Luna Collaborates with Scripps to Expand Health System At-Home Care Services

On-demand physical therapy provider to enable in-person, outpatient delivery for Scripps patients

SAN DIEGO and ROCKLIN, Calif., March 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Luna, the leader in on-demand physical therapy, announced it will collaborate with Scripps Health, a non-profit health system in San Diego, to bring outpatient physical therapy services to patients in the San Diego area in the comfort of their homes. The new offering is part of the Scripps Health expanding slate of at-home health care services, including intensive home-based care, mobile phlebotomy, and telehealth.

“Scripps has existing at-home offerings that have helped them maintain a high quality of care, deliver better outcomes, and reduce costs, so adding physical therapy is a natural extension of that program,” said Palak Shah, Head of Clinical Services at Luna. “We’re excited to be working with Scripps Health, and to help Scripps expand their at-home strategy and offer quality physical therapy where patients want to receive care.

Scripps will use Luna’s best-in-class technology platform and broad network of exceptional therapists to seamlessly match patients seeking care based on specialty, geography, schedules, and other factors. When patients request at-home care, a physical therapist will visit them at a time of their choosing.

Luna therapists provide high quality care equivalent to what might be provided in a traditional clinic setting. Luna therapists evaluate each patient and create a unique care plan based on their needs and goals, and patients see the same physical therapist for each visit. Between visits, patients and therapists will use the Luna platform throughout the treatment process to communicate between appointments, perform therapist prescribed exercises, and track overall recovery.

“The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a shift we were making at Scripps to meet patients where they are by delivering care outside the hospital or clinic walls, and we’re excited to add physical therapy to our robust at-home strategy,” said Lisa Risser, Corporate Senior Vice President of Ancillary Operations at Scripps. “By offering at-home physical therapy services, we’ll help ensure patients get high quality care from the convenience of home, making it easier to complete their full treatment plan and resulting in better health outcomes.”

The new service is available to Scripps patients in the San Diego area, and patients can book appointments by visiting Luna already works with health systems and physical therapy groups to provide at-home care via in-person delivery in 10 states across the country, including Arizona, California, Delaware, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington State.

About Luna
Luna is the leader in on-demand physical therapy, delivering outpatient physical therapy beyond the four walls of a clinic. For patients, Luna has reimagined the physical therapy experience, matching them with a therapist for in-person care at the time and location of their choosing and ongoing coaching through an easy-to-use app. For physical therapists, Luna enables them to manage their careers with flexibility and autonomy, using a platform that makes scheduling efficient, documentation easy, and billing automatic. For leading health systems and orthopedic groups Luna improves revenue for rehabilitation services by dramatically expanding access and reach, improving adherence, reducing costs, and standardizing quality. Luna is the fastest growing physical therapy provider, with more than 800 exceptional therapists providing services in 10 states across the country. For more information, please visit

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