Matica Bio at BIO International 2024: Leading the Way in CGT Innovation and U.S. Manufacturing Strategy

Matica Bio at BIO International 2024: Leading the Way in CGT Innovation and U.S. Manufacturing Strategy

Matica Bio at BIO International 2024: Leading the Way in CGT Innovation and U.S. Manufacturing Strategy

Highlighting Advanced CGT Capabilities and Strategic U.S. Manufacturing Position Amidst Rising Geopolitical Tensions

COLLEGE STATION, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Matica Biotechnology (Matica Bio) announced today that it will participate in the world’s largest biotech exhibition, the BIO International Convention (BIO USA).

The BIO International Convention is one of the largest events for the global bio industry, with more than 20,000 delegates attending and over 57,000 partnering meetings hosted last year. BIO is growing annually and is expected to reach record attendance and meetings this year.

Matica Bio: Growth and Expansion

Matica Biotechnology (Matica Bio) is proud to highlight its global sites and expertise in Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) development and manufacturing at this year’s BIO International Convention. Matica Bio built a U.S. CGT specialized facility and expanded its advanced scientific capabilities to be able to provide excellent results and a white-glove level of service for clients. Matica Bio is looking forward to numerous scheduled meetings with existing and potential clients at BIO USA to pursue contracts and explore collaborative opportunities.

Matica Bio’s facility is uniquely designed and constructed exclusively for cell and gene therapy manufacturing. As a leading CDMO, Matica Bio offers tailored services that ensure seamless CGT development and manufacturing from preclinical through clinical stages. In collaboration with Sartorius, a global bioprocessing leader, Matica Bio employs single-use systems and in-line, real-time process analytical monitoring and testing. Furthermore, its proprietary cell line, MatiMax™, significantly enhances manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

Matica Bio also collaborates with four other production facilities within the CHA Bio Group: Bundang CHA Hospital GMP, Matica Bio Labs, Cell Gene Biobank, and Matica Bio Japan. These five worldwide sites will work together to offer comprehensive CGT services, drive continued expansion, reduce production costs, and extend the company’s reach across Asia and North America.

Matica Bio’s Role in the U.S. Biosecure Act

In response to increasing geopolitical tensions and supply chain vulnerabilities, the U.S. government has recently implemented the Biosecure Act. This Act has highlighted the strategic importance of domestic manufacturing capabilities and protection of the U.S. national health security. The reduced dependency on certain foreign CDMOs positions Matica Bio for substantial growth and greater success this year and beyond.

Paul Kim, CEO of Matica Bio said, “Leveraging its professional capability and expertise, Matica Bio offers seamless service from gene to clinic. This strategic positioning ensures that Matica Bio not only adheres to the Biosecure Act but also maintains an uninterrupted supply chain for its clients, enhancing its competitive edge in the market.”

Collaborative Efforts within CHA Bio Group

Also under the CHA Bio Group umbrella, CHA Biotech, CMG Pharmaceuticals, and CHA Vaccine Research Institute will jointly present their development pipelines and technologies at BIO USA, focusing on technology transfer and collaboration opportunities. CHA Biotech will promote its NK cell-based cancer immunotherapy ‘CBT101’ and explore CAR technology, while CHA Vaccine Research Institute will seek partners for its immune-enhancing hepatitis B and shingles vaccines. CMG Pharmaceuticals will highlight its STARFILM Technology-based Orally Disintegrating Film (ODF) products, including Depipzo, NaraPhil ODF, and Zedafil, aiming for business partnerships to expand exports. Cha Bio Group’s participation underscores its commitment to biotechnological innovation, excellence, and global expansion.

The BIO International Convention will take place in San Diego from June 3rd to 6th, and Matica Bio will exhibit at booth #4757.

About Matica Biotechnology, Inc.

Matica Biotechnology is a cell and gene therapy CDMO that leverages advanced technologies at its purpose-built cGMP facility. With industry-leading expertise in process development, assay development, and cGMP manufacturing, Matica Bio serves as a trusted partner, seamlessly supporting its clients with streamlined operations throughout every stage of projects. Collaborating across five Matica sites worldwide, Matica Bio delivers excellence in the CDMO domain through innovations such as MatiMax™ proprietary cell lines, in-line process monitoring, and single-use technologies.



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Senior Director of Marketing

Matica Biotechnology