Miroculus Collaboration Pushes Boundaries of PCR-free WGS: Data to be Presented at AGBT 2021

Miroculus Collaboration Pushes Boundaries of PCR-free WGS: Data to be Presented at AGBT 2021

Miroculus Collaboration Pushes Boundaries of PCR-free WGS: Data to be Presented at AGBT 2021

Success of initial Miro Canvas Beta program leading to expanded access and increased protocol availability

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#NGS–Miroculus, Inc., a developer of revolutionary tools for personal lab automation today announced new research optimizing an automated PCR-free Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) library prep workflow for very low input human samples. The work done in collaboration with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Purigen Biosystems will be presented at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) virtual conference March 1-3, 2021.

The collaboration demonstrated a hands-off sample preparation from biological specimens through library preparation using samples with as few as 2,500 cells, without the use of PCR. The powerful combination of personal automation with the Ionic Purification System for DNA extraction from Purigen and the Miro Canvas™ from Miroculus for NGS library preparation provided superior sequencing results compared to manual efforts. This enabled successful detection of pathogenic variants while avoiding amplification-related artifacts.

Co-author Eric Chow PhD, Director of the Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) at UCSF, said, “Our project demonstrated the ability to push the limits of where we can take PCR-free WGS. By enabling the use of lower inputs than traditional PCR-free protocols, very limited or irreplaceable samples can benefit from the gold standard PCR-free sequencing method to generate optimal data for variant calling. This new automation technology really makes this possible.”

Miroculus also announced the expansion of its Beta program for Miro Canvas which launched in November 2020. Chief Commercial Officer Adam Lowe reported, “Given the successful results from initial Beta testing early this year, we are expanding our production and enrollment for early access and participation in our Beta program.”

One Miroculus early test site was a large life science and diagnostics tools provider. “Our scientist who was leading the testing program was concerned about a COVID-19 lab closure, so she took the Miro Canvas home. She set it up on her dresser, and prepared NGS libraries in her spare time. It wasn’t part of the Beta testing plan, but we were really excited that the system was so plug-and-play that a corner of a bedroom could efficiently serve as a genome laboratory,” said the lead from the company, who remained confidential.

Adam Lowe added, “Coming on the heels of the completion of our Series B financing and the successful start of our Miro Canvas Beta program, we are excited to be working with more customers, adding new workflows, and expanding access to personal lab automation.”

About Miroculus, Inc.

Miroculus’ Miro Canvas platform can automate complex protocols, such as NGS library prep, in a compact, cartridge-based system that is within reach of all laboratories. Miroculus’ mission is to advance science and improve lives, faster, together. Inquiries to join the expanded Beta program may be sent to contact@miroculus.com.



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