Nanodropper Announces 800% Year Over Year Increase in Partnerships and Over 730 New Locations Nationwide Enabling a Reduction in Medical Waste and Lower Cost to Patients

Nanodropper Announces 800% Year Over Year Increase in Partnerships and Over 730 New Locations Nationwide Enabling a Reduction in Medical Waste and Lower Cost to Patients

Nanodropper Announces 800% Year Over Year Increase in Partnerships and Over 730 New Locations Nationwide Enabling a Reduction in Medical Waste and Lower Cost to Patients

Now available in eye clinics across 49 states and Puerto Rico, each new partnership increases access to Nanodropper’s value-based care solution for reducing the size of prescription eye drops while also extending the life of the medication

ROCHESTER, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#MedicalDeviceNanodropper, a patient-centered, volume-reducing adaptor for eyedrop bottles, announces major growth metrics over the last 12 months, including an 832% increase in clinic partnerships, expanding to more than 840 clinic locations since June of 2021. Nanodropper has also more than doubled its team as it finalized research and development ahead of launching a new, more adaptive eyedropper product, which will fit nearly 99% of all eyedrop bottles on the market later this year. This announcement comes one year after the Nanodropper team attended its first in-person conference, the Optometry’s Meeting, which will take place again this week in Chicago.

The Nanodropper Adaptor, the first and only adaptor for eyedrop bottles that reduces the drop volume to just what the eye can absorb, is now available in 49 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This represents exponential growth, making the Nanodropper Adaptor significantly more accessible compared to this time last year, when Nanodropper had partner clinics in only 10 states. The company has secured partnerships with healthcare institutions and companies like Johns Hopkins University, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Washington National Eye Center, Lumata Health, and, most recently, Vision Source, a family of more than 3,150 locally owned optometric practices across the country. In the first month of Nanodropper’s partnership with Vision Source, more than 70 Vision Source practices ordered the device, continuing to expand access points for patients.

“Thinking back on the summer of 2021, right after we attended our first in-person conference as a Nanodropper team, and seeing how much traction Nanodropper has gained over the last year truly exemplifies the priority the healthcare industry is putting on value-based care,” said Allisa Song, Co-founder and CEO of Nanodropper. “We have a lot of milestones coming up, including the launch of our next Adaptor, which will address additional eye drop prescription needs, the publication of our clinical trials, and new partnerships with healthcare providers, all while continuing to prioritize the needs of the patient first.”

According to documented research, typical prescription eyedrop bottles release drops that are five times too large for your eye to absorb, resulting in patients often wasting 80% of the medication in the bottle. The Nanodropper eyedrop bottle adaptor is designed based on decades of research to achieve an ideal-sized eyedrop just large enough for the eye to absorb, tripling the number of drops per bottle and demonstrating the effectiveness of smaller eyedrops versus the current oversized drops.

Nanodropper is currently conducting or collaborating on seven clinical trials that will further validate the effectiveness of the Nanodropper Adaptor microdrops compared to the standard drop size, addressing conditions such as glaucoma, ocular hypertension and dilation.

“I first discovered the Nanodropper a year ago and was so impressed I ordered 100 on the spot. I ran through the first 100 so quickly, I was back a few weeks later to order 1,000 more. It is now a staple in my practice enabling my patients to purchase branded medications they otherwise could not afford and save money on all drops, whether branded or generic,” said Robert Wooldridge, OD, of the Eye Foundation of Utah and advisor for Nanodropper. “The smaller drop size created by the Nanodropper helps to decrease side effects of medications and preservatives. The decreased costs and increased tolerance improves compliant use of medications used on a chronic basis which is especially important in glaucoma care. The Nanodropper Adaptor is quickly becoming the new standard of care, not only addressing patient concerns and challenges, but also a larger societal medical waste issue. It’s not just a want to have, but a need to have.”

Nanodropper has not only seen growth in partnerships and locations, but has also expanded its team and office space. Nanodropper’s staff has more than doubled since June of 2021, now with eight employees. It also launched its only fulfillment center based in Rochester, Minnesota in 2021 after winning the Minnesota Cup startup competition as the first student-led company to ever win the award.

The Nanodropper Adaptor and its co-founders have been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30, Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Award, The Minnesota Cup Grand Prize, Launch MN and the Twin Cities Business Tech 20 List over the past 12 months.

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About Nanodropper

Founded by four student co-founders out of the University of Washington, Nanodropper is the only FDA-listed, volume-reducing adaptor for eyedrop bottles on the market. Its flagship product is a patient-centered adaptor for eyedrop bottles to reduce the volume of currently oversized eyedrops by more than 60 percent. Nanodropper helps reduce cost, decrease waste, and minimize potential side effects of vision-saving treatments. Nanodropper’s products and educational content help patients navigate issues like vision insurance, eye doctor appointments, and deploying their resources in an efficient way. These initiatives align with Nanodropper’s mission of helping patients take back control of their eye health.


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