New CAP Publication Focuses on Modern Surgical Pathology for Quality Patient Care

New CAP Publication Focuses on Modern Surgical Pathology for Quality Patient Care

New CAP Publication Focuses on Modern Surgical Pathology for Quality Patient Care

NORTHFIELD, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#PathologistsGrossing, Staging, and Reporting–An Integrated Manual of Modern Surgical Pathology,” released this month from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Press, guides readers through producing a comprehensive, succinct pathology report that emphasizes the factors that directly determine the quality of patient care.

Those factors are centered around the importance of:

  • Consistency and standard approaches to handling the specimen,
  • Staging the tumor accurately, and
  • Reporting comprehensively but succinctly.

“The quality of our pathology practice directly determines the safety and quality of the patient’s care,” said the book’s editor Qihui “Jim” Zhai, MD, FCAP, professor of laboratory medicine and pathology, consultant pathologist, and director of the FISH laboratory, Mayo Clinic Florida, in an interview published in the July issue of CAP TODAY.

“With new molecular and genetic tools resulting in many new diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers that improve patient care, accurate staging and clinical validation is more important than ever due to the accuracy of these molecular findings depending heavily on staging and clinical validation,” he explained.

Dr. Zhai had the opportunity to collaborate with more than 40 experienced practicing pathologists from various practice settings. They represent the collective wisdom of their premier institutions. The styles in the manual will vary slightly, but the focus is on the critical information and essential points positioning this manual as a leading resource for grossing, staging and reporting.

“This book will be a resource for helping to improve consistency, efficiency, and safety while shortening turnaround time,” states Dr. Zhai. “With more amazing technology emerging and being applied in daily practice, it’s important to remember our daily and routine pathology reports are still the cornerstones of modern medicine.”

With more than 400 images, the 288-page book is available in softcover ($76 for CAP members, $95 for others) and ebook ($72) formats. See sample pages and more details to order online at or call 1‑800‑323‑4040 option 1. Reference PUB131.

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