New Mental Health Platform, “The Human Condition” to Offer Experts, Resources and Solutions

New Mental Health Platform, “The Human Condition” to Offer Experts, Resources and Solutions

New Mental Health Platform, “The Human Condition” to Offer Experts, Resources and Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A new mental health platform, The Human Condition, has established a crossroads between informative articles, curated literature and professional references aimed at becoming a comprehensive resource for mental wellness and personal growth.

The platform was founded by Ehsan Soroush, an entrepreneur and MBA graduate from London Business School. After overcoming his own struggles with mental health, he wanted to provide support and resources for those who are fighting similar battles.

“Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic started, people have started to become conscious of mental health in all new ways,” said Soroush. “Worry and anxiety are high, social isolation is unprecedented – people have been moving through uncharted territory, and it’s forced them to reckon with their mental well-being.”

The Human Condition’s recently launched website features curated book lists and more than 100 carefully crafted articles – with many more on the way – exploring wellness topics and philosophies pulled from every corner of the world. Topics include humanness, emotions, mental health conditions, therapies and healing, mindfulness, spirituality and much more. The site aims to shine light onto underserved and nuanced topics, with insights from people offering a wide range of experiences in mental wellness.

Guiding The Human Condition’s content curation is an advisory board composed of psychologists, therapists, doctors and coaches offering diverse mental health expertise.

The site is also assembling a directory of mental health practitioners to provide a network of resources for visitors, no matter what their challenge may be. The guiding philosophy of the platform is to break down the feelings of isolation that often accompany the human experience, particularly mental health issues, providing both education and encouragement while letting people know they aren’t alone in their journey.

“In the early 2000s, when I was struggling with my mental health, there was a sense of shame and stigma about it. Thankfully, it seems we’re beginning to be more aware and accepting of people with various kinds of struggles,” said Soroush. “There’s no need to demonize these issues when great minds like Aristotle have been talking about them for thousands of years. Nobody is truly alone in this; if you have these feelings, it’s not a disorder – it’s the human condition.”

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The Human Condition is a digital platform for mental health, personal growth and wellness that strives to be a compelling, comprehensive resource for people who want to live healthy, balanced and fulfilling lives. The platform emphasizes science, humanity, and compassion, offering practical tools to help people make informed decisions about their health and well-being in both personal and professional contexts.

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