Newly Launched Resource, Anesthesia OnCall, Eliminates Talent Gaps in Critical Anesthesiology Industry

Newly Launched Resource, Anesthesia OnCall, Eliminates Talent Gaps in Critical Anesthesiology Industry

Newly Launched Resource, Anesthesia OnCall, Eliminates Talent Gaps in Critical Anesthesiology Industry

Anesthesia clinicians now have a dedicated resource to connect them with premiere healthcare facilities across the U.S.

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AANA2022–Backed by deep industry experience, Anesthesia OnCall provides indispensable, personalized service to anesthesia clinicians and healthcare organizations across the U.S. The company eliminates talent gaps by connecting locum tenens anesthesiologists and CRNAs with healthcare facilities, providing them with a dedicated resource to help attain optimal staffing levels and support best-in-class clinical care.

“In today’s environment, healthcare organizations need a resource they can turn to for temporary staffing to augment their permanent workforce as they experience turnover or rising demand for procedures,” said Neal Grabarkewitz, Vice President, General Manager, Anesthesia OnCall. “Anesthesia OnCall was created with the desire to make it easier, more efficient and cost-effective for healthcare organizations to locate and deploy locum tenens and CRNAs. While also ensuring that anesthesia clinicians receive the benefits and attention that they deserve to strike a work-life balance as they dedicate themselves to patient care.”

Rising Demand for Surgical Procedures at Odds with Available Talent

Surgical procedures, many of which were put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, are once again on the rise. This rebound, coupled with a decades-long labor shortage of anesthesia clinicians, has created a tsunami of demand for anesthesiologists and CRNAs. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 45% average growth rate in the demand for CRNAs from 2020-2030.

As healthcare organizations tackle the rising volume of medical procedures that require anesthesia, many of them are turning to locum tenens providers to maintain care delivery amid staffing shortages. Eighty-eight percent of healthcare organizations reported using locum tenens during the last year and anesthesia providers were the most utilized locum tenens last year (28%).

To help healthcare organizations meet this demand, Anesthesia OnCall offers nationwide positions spanning a range of healthcare organizations such as group practices, healthcare facilities, hospitals, surgery centers and health systems. The company provides clinicians with the respect, schedule flexibility, competitive pay and clinical setting diversity they need to provide quality care in a way that fits their lifestyle.

“Our goal is to create an organization and a process that makes bringing locum tenens into a healthcare organization easy and seamless,” commented Lisa Parker, Director of Clinical Recruitment, Anesthesia OnCall. “We focus on making sure candidates have access to a wide variety of placement opportunities, in the specialty areas that are right for their skills, and take care of their onboarding so they can focus on patient care.”

Meet Anesthesia OnCall and Explore CRNA Career Options at AANA

Representatives from Anesthesia OnCall will be on-site during the AANA Annual Congress taking place August 12-16, 2022 in Chicago. Attendees are encouraged to visit booth #403 to learn more about Anesthesia OnCall’s individualized approach that aligns each CRNAs’ unique skills and preferences with the right opportunity.

Attendees are also invited to attend a career expo sponsored by Anesthesia OnCall during the conference. The CRNA Career Expo will be held on Monday, August 15th from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the New Orleans Conference Room

About Anesthesia OnCall

Anesthesia OnCall erases talent gaps by connecting quality anesthesia clinicians with premier healthcare practices and facilities across the U.S. As a cost-conscious, consultative partner for healthcare organizations, we offer a transparent approach to attaining optimal staffing levels to support best-in-class care. A passionate partner for anesthesia clinicians, we enable schedule flexibility and clinical setting diversity to support quality care in a way that fits their lifestyle. To learn more visit


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