Nihon Kohden Launches Smart Cable™ NMT Pod and Disposable Electrode

Nihon Kohden Launches Smart Cable™ NMT Pod and Disposable Electrode

Nihon Kohden Launches Smart Cable™ NMT Pod and Disposable Electrode

Monitoring Neuromuscular Blockade with Confidence

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nihon Kohden, a U.S. market leader in precision medical products and services, announced today the launch of the Smart Cable™ NMT Pod and disposable electrode, allowing clinicians to monitor neuromuscular blockade with confidence. The new device allows clinicians to objectively monitor the patient’s depth of paralysis during surgery when a neuromuscular blockade agent (NMBA), either non-depolarizing or depolarizing, is administered to the patient.

Neuromuscular blockade traditionally can be monitored through acceleromyography (AMG), which relies on the clinician to count visual twitches from a patient’s thumb. This data is usually handwritten, or sometimes not recorded at all. Nihon Kohden’s Smart Cable NMT Pod uses electromyography (EMG) to accurately capture the level of paralysis by peripheral nerve stimulation. The value and visualization of the Train of Four ratio is presented on the main screen of the host monitor.

We believe the use of EMG technology will become the standard for anesthesiologists who want reliable neuromuscular monitoring for their patients.” says Eiichi Tanaka, President & CEO Nihon Kohden America, Inc.

With the Smart Cable technology, the NMT pod integrates seamlessly into Nihon Kohden monitors (Life Scope G5, G5 Max, G7, G9, BSM-3500 and BSM-6000 Series Bedside Monitors) via the AY/BSM-1700 input units, and patient data is automatically sent to the EMR. This allows clinicians to use the data and the visual indicators on the screen to make better-informed decisions when it comes to intubating, dosing of NMBAs, and extubating.

The functionality and integration capabilities of the newly released Smart Cable NMT Pod help support Nihon Kohden’s on-going mission to benefit all. Beyond the world’s first pulse oximeter, Nihon Kohden leverages its 70-year heritage to set the bar high, with industry-changing innovation for experts by experts.

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