Norbert Health and Lumina Care Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Elder Care through AI Technology

Norbert Health and Lumina Care Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Elder Care through AI Technology

Norbert Health and Lumina Care Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Elder Care through AI Technology

BROOKLYN, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Norbert Health, a leading technology company delivering care for seniors through intelligent, AI-driven devices, today announced a strategic partnership with Lumina Care, a nationwide provider of comprehensive senior care services.

Under the partnership, Norbert Health will deploy its groundbreaking AI Sensing Hub across Lumina Care’s extensive network, servicing elder care facilities nationwide. This technology will play a crucial role in daily care operations, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of caregivers by automating vital signs monitoring, mobility assessments, and engaging with elders in a contactless, non-invasive and natural manner.

Alex Winter, CEO of Norbert Health, said, “We’re thrilled to partner with Lumina Care and bring our vision of smarter elder care delivery to life. Our solution is not only a game-changing assistant for caregivers but the ultimate system for progressive care centers. Lumina’s clear commitment to offering their communities the most advanced technologies and solutions made them the perfect partner. Our collaboration allows us to do so much more than just improve workflows. Together we’re setting a new standard in healthcare — making daily care proactive, personalized, and more simple than ever.”

Sean Stewart, senior executive at Lumina Care, added, “Lumina Care is committed to pioneering the future of elder care with partners who share our vision of excellence and innovation. Our partnership with Norbert Health represents a significant leap forward in our service capabilities, combining their cutting-edge AI technology with our comprehensive care services. Together, we are not only enhancing the quality of life for thousands of seniors but are also easing the workload for our dedicated caregivers, embodying our commitment to care, comfort, and convenience.”

The partnership officially commenced this summer. Both companies are committed to further innovation, aiming to integrate more automated and intelligent solutions to improve care engagement and simplify the delivery of daily healthcare tasks.

About Norbert Health:

Norbert Health is on a mission to transform elder care through intelligent, AI-driven technologies. Our fully autonomous health hub is outfitted with advanced sensors that enable contactless vital sign scanning, comprehensive mobility assessments, cognitive testing, patient dialogue and engagement, and more. Norbert not only enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of caregivers and daily workflows, but unlocks new opportunities for caregivers to enhance daily care. Together we’re building a future where AI and technology empower patients everywhere to take control of their health with ease and precision.

About Lumina Care:

Lumina Care is a leading preventative healthcare company serving seniors in both long-term care facilities and within the community. Lumina Care’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve optimal health through innovative, comprehensive, remote care solutions. Lumina Care provides chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, behavioral health integration, transitional care management, after-hours telehealth, and other specialty services for its patients. Lumina Care is committed to improving clinical outcomes for patients and providers, while lowering costs and improving productivity for its long-term care customers.


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