Nutrition World Says Detoxing May Be Especially Important This Spring

Nutrition World Says Detoxing May Be Especially Important This Spring

Nutrition World Says Detoxing May Be Especially Important This Spring

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., March 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spring is a great time for renewal of the body, especially after a long, hard winter. However, this spring it may be even more critical to detox after a living in pandemic-mode for a full year, says founder of the famed Nutrition World, Edward Jones.

“The concept of detoxing comes from a system of natural medicine called naturopathy that has been practiced for hundreds of years,” said Jones. “Depending on your level of toxicity, detoxing can help a wide-range of health problems disappear.”

Common health complaints like frequent colds and flu, lack of energy, mood swings, weight gain and puffy eyes could disappear when your lymphatic system shifts into a higher gear. Constipation, gas and cramping could be alleviated when your intestines return to balance. Clogged sinuses, congestion and nasal drip can dissipate when your lungs begin to function properly. All these improvements in health can be obtained by a simple spring-cleaning of your body.

“Detoxing is simpler than it sounds, but does require adherence to a good diet, proper exercise and a lot of will power,” said Jones. “Detox is a natural pre-programmed process your body can do on its own without purchasing kits or elixirs.”

Jones says there are many ways to detox but a simple way is to start by eating a variety of fresh fruits and colored vegetables, and eliminating dairy products, wheat, red meat and processed or fast foods. Also limit alcohol and caffeine, including tea, coffee and especially sodas. You can drink caffeine-free herbal teas and dandelion coffee, which is liver supporting. Some detox experts recommend green tea, which is rich in antioxidants, but beware it also contains some caffeine. Jones recommends a drink called matcha that has the same active ingredients as green tea, but also contains theanine for stress reduction and detox. Drink eight glasses of purified water each day, and more if you exercise, to help flush your kidneys and digestive system. Exercise regularly and try walking or swimming to help the body’s lymphatic system transport toxins out of the body. Practice yoga to strengthen all systems in the body. Even bouncing activities like jumping rope or jumping on a trampoline are helpful in supporting the lymphatic system, as is deep breathing, even if it is just for five minutes each day, because the lymph is not a muscular structure that can push out fluids and toxins by itself. Intermittent fasting is also highly effective.

“If you don’t need anything but your body, food, water and exercise to detox, then why do people still purchase detox-oriented products and services? This is a question I frequently am asked,” said Jones. “Since your body has to cope with rapid toxin release from the cells during the detox, certain supplements and herbal liver supporters can help increase efficiency of this process and protect your tissues from extra stress.”

Some of the detox support supplements Jones recommends and sells through include: Gaia Herbs Liver Cleanse; Metagenics Clear Change Daily Essentials and UltraClear Renew; Vital Planet’s Vital Lax, Vital Fiber and Vital Gut Renew. To learn more about detoxing and living an age-defying lifestyle, subscribe to Jones’ podcast, “The Holistic Navigator”:


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