Oligomerix to Participate in Upcoming Life Sciences Conferences

Oligomerix to Participate in Upcoming Life Sciences Conferences

Oligomerix to Participate in Upcoming Life Sciences Conferences

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oligomerix, Inc., a privately held company pioneering the development of small molecule therapeutics targeting tau for rare neurodegenerative and Alzheimer’s diseases, announced that President and CEO James Moe, Ph.D., MBA will be participating in upcoming life sciences conferences in June.

Details can be found below:

Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Digital Conference

Dates: June 8-10, 2021

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BIO International Convention Digital 2021

Dates: June 10-11 & 14-18, 2021

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About Oligomerix’s Lead Program

Oligomerix’s lead candidate is a small molecule inhibitor of tau self-association that targets the beginning of the tau aggregation cascade and its progression. The activity of the drug translated from in vitro and cell assays to animal studies, validating the company’s screening approach (Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, 2020) for Alzheimer’s disease and rare tauopathies. The lead compound is completing its preclinical studies by year end, and the start of clinical studies is being planned for 2022.

About Oligomerix, Inc.

Oligomerix is an emerging biotechnology company focused on developing disease-modifying therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases characterized by aberrant tau protein ranging from rare tauopathies such as progressive supranuclear palsy and frontotemporal dementia to Alzheimer’s disease. The company’s drug discovery platform has identified a pipeline of novel small molecule inhibitors, with preclinical IND-enabling studies nearing completion for the lead program. Oligomerix’s small molecule approach blocks the formation of all tau aggregates by targeting tau self-association, the first step of the tau aggregation cascade, whereas other companies have focused on targeting large tau aggregates formed downstream. Oligomerix is headquartered at the Westchester Park Center in White Plains, New York and has lab facilities at the Ullmann Research Center for Health Sciences within the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Follow Oligomerix on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Oligomerix is seeking strategic partners to support the acceleration and advancement of these important programs. For more information about Oligomerix, please visit http://www.oligomerix.com.


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