OptiMed adds Vida Health as a Preferred Partner, Introducing Innovative Anti-Obesity Medication Management Program

OptiMed adds Vida Health as a Preferred Partner, Introducing Innovative Anti-Obesity Medication Management Program

OptiMed adds Vida Health as a Preferred Partner, Introducing Innovative Anti-Obesity Medication Management Program

OptiMed to support Vida’s full suite of cardiometabolic solutions including clinical obesity management, providing a center of excellence for anti-obesity medications.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OptiMed Health Partners, has named Vida Health, a leader in virtual cardiometabolic care, as a preferred partner for providing personalized virtual cardiometabolic care. Through this partnership, Vida Health will provide its full suite of services for members living with obesity, diabetes, and related conditions. Vida will provide managed access to anti-obesity medication to OptiMed clients as well as behavior change coaching to their eligible members.

The United States faces a growing challenge with obesity, which is a key risk factor for numerous chronic diseases. Vida’s holistic approach to addressing obesity helps curb healthcare costs while improving individual health outcomes and reducing the overall burden on healthcare systems. In this collaboration, Vida Health will serve as a center of excellence for anti-obesity medication, meaning that only weight loss medications prescribed by Vida’s qualified healthcare professionals are covered under the benefits plan sold by OptiMed. This strategic move aims to streamline medication management, improve adherence, and enhance patient weight management outcomes.

“This partnership with Vida Health marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards revolutionizing healthcare access, value, and affordability,” said Andrew Reeves, CEO of OptiMed Health Partners. “At OptiMed, we’ve always been driven by a commitment to innovation and patient outcomes. Collaborating with Vida Health aligns with that mission while enabling us to offer healthcare solutions that deliver unsurpassed value to our clients.”

Key Features of the OptiMed and Vida Health partnership include:

  • Comprehensive care for obesity, diabetes, and chronic conditions: Integrated care across programs that address the physical, mental, and socioeconomic factors impacting a member’s health, with prescribing where appropriate.
  • Center of excellence focus: The partnership ensures a high-quality, streamlined approach to obesity management by centralizing the prescriptions of anti-obesity medications to licensed Vida Health providers.
  • Personalized virtual care supported by AI: OptiMed clients who sign up for Vida will have access to Vida’s extensive team of ​​dietitians, diabetes educators, and certified health coaches who provide one-on-one personalized care to members. The platform’s evidence-based approach combines personalized coaching, technology, and clinical support to help individuals achieve lasting health outcomes.

“I’m excited about our partnership with OptiMed Health Partners. It represents another step forward in our mission to deliver comprehensive, virtual cardiometabolic care. By joining forces with OptiMed, we’re not only expanding our reach but also deepening our impact, offering more people access to quality, personalized care. This partnership embodies our shared dedication to innovation and patient-centric approaches, and I’m confident that together, we’ll make significant advancements in improving outcomes and enhancing the patient experience,” said Joe Murad, CEO of Vida Health.

Vida’s virtual cardiometabolic solutions for chronic physical and mental health conditions serve members in all 50 states in both English and Spanish. Vida has proven clinical outcomes across a range of conditions, including diabetes, weight loss, depression, hypertension, and anxiety. Vida is the only virtual chronic care solution in its class to guarantee outcomes through a value-based pricing structure that puts 100 percent of Vida’s fees at risk for both physical and mental health outcomes.

About OptiMed

OptiMed Health Partners, headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is an independently owned and operated national healthcare organization, leading the charge to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. OptiMed’s unique approach transforms the delivery of healthcare, improving patient outcomes and experiences. We focus on customized solutions that deliver value for our patients and clients. To learn more about OptiMed’s innovative and personalized care, visit www.optimedhp.com or email info@optimedhp.com.

About Vida Health

Vida Health is a virtual cardiometabolic clinic focused on treating diabetes and obesity with a body-and-mind approach. Vida’s clinically validated programs combine an AI-powered, personalized mobile app experience with a national network of high-quality providers who work in a high-touch care team model that maximizes engagement, outcomes, and savings. Vida’s app offers video sessions, asynchronous messaging, and digital content and programs to help people prevent and manage chronic conditions — like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension — and the mental conditions that accompany them — like stress, depression, and anxiety. Some of America’s largest employers and health plans trust Vida to deliver meaningful cardiometabolic outcomes for whole populations. Learn more at www.Vida.com.


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