Ozop Energy OZSC Signs Agreement with Clean Peak Energy

Ozop Energy OZSC Signs Agreement with Clean Peak Energy

Ozop Energy OZSC Signs Agreement with Clean Peak Energy

WARWICK, NY, June 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — – Ozop Energy Solutions (OZSC), (“Ozop” or the “Company”), has announced its wholly owned subsidiary Ozop Energy Systems, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Clean Peak Energy Group, LLC (CPE – https://cleanpeakenergy.us/), a Stamford, CT-based company that focuses on using a building’s existing thermal mass and air conditioning systems to create energy storage and reduce building related CO2 emissions.

The agreement includes a profit-sharing structure generated from projects, referred by Ozop, that adopt CPE solutions. CPE, which also provides electric supply pricing for commercial customers, will additionally enable Ozop to offer customers competitive electric supply through CPE, in States where competitive electric choice is available. Through CPE’s advanced energy storage technology, facilities can save on energy costs with zero capital construction cost. This opportunity is in addition to other programs that Ozop can provide to its customers though its various subsidiaries and strategic relationships.

CPE’s patented solution uses the thermal mass within a building’s envelope and interior mass as energy storage. CPE takes advantage of cooler nighttime temperatures and air conditioning efficiency to store electricity, converted into cooled air, stored in the building’s mass and available to reduce demand, consumption, and costs during more expensive peak energy consumption times. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (https://www.energy.gov/sites/prod/files/2017/03/f34/qtr-2015-chapter5.pdf), more than 76% of all U.S. electricity use and more than 40% of all U.S. energy use and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are associated with providing comfortable, well-lit, residential and commercial buildings. Saving energy in buildings translates directly into saving money, which are keys to economic recovery as well as long-term sustainability.

“We are pleased to participate with Ozop Energy Systems to offer their customers and companies access to CPE’s advanced energy storage and management technology and customer electricity supply programs,” said Ed Levene, Clean Peak Energy Group, LLC CEO.

Said Brian Conway, CEO of Ozop Energy Solutions, Inc, “This strategic relationship with CPE further reinforces Ozop’s growing Neo-Grid system of clean technology products and services to help building owners and operators reduce operating costs with safe and energy-smart facilities to make a positive impact for our country’s energy transition challenges. We have agreements and letters of intent for hundreds of properties that we look forward to introducing to CPE.”

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