Patrys Limited Announces Publication of PAT-DX1 Preclinical Data in JCI – Insight

Patrys Limited Announces Publication of PAT-DX1 Preclinical Data in JCI – Insight

Patrys Limited Announces Publication of PAT-DX1 Preclinical Data in JCI – Insight

Series of preclinical studies demonstrate the therapeutic potential of PAT-DX1, a first-in-class, synthetically lethal DNA-binding antibody in primary brain cancers and brain metastases.

MELBOURNE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–$PAB #antibodyPatrys Limited (ASX:PAB), a therapeutic antibody development company, has announced the publication of preclinical data for its therapeutic antibody candidate PAT-DX1 in The Journal of Clinical Investigation—Insight. Patrys is developing PAT-DX1 for use in DDR-deficient cancers, including a range of primary brain cancers and metastases.

PAT-DX1 is a cell-penetrating autoantibody that localizes into live cell nuclei, inhibits DNA repair, and is synthetically lethal to cancer cells with defects in DNA damage repair (DDR) processes.

Researchers led by Dr James Hansen of the Yale School of Medicine found that the transporter ENT2 facilitates both brain endothelial cell penetration and crossing of the blood brain barrier (BBB) by PAT-DX1. Efficacy studies conducted in three mouse models of human cancer showed that PAT-DX1 is able to cross the BBB and suppress both orthotopic glioblastoma and metastatic triple negative breast cancer. The suppression of glioblastoma growth or brain metastasis resulted in statistically significant survival benefits.

Most antibodies are unable to cross either cell membranes or the BBB which limits their use for applications such as treating cancers in the brain and intracellular targeting of therapeutic payloads. Patrys believes the unique ability of PAT-DX1 and other deoxymabs to be transported intact across cell membranes and the BBB has potential to provide much-needed, new therapeutic options for the treatment of cancers located in the brain.

Patrys Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Dr. James Campbell said: “We continue to be impressed with the robust scientific evidence and rationale that is backing the development of our deoxymab drug platform. Glioblastoma and TNBC brain metastases are very difficult to treat, and the prognosis for patients with these cancers is generally poor. We are excited by the potential that PAT-DX1 shows in animal models of these cancers and are on track for the first-in-human study of our lead deoxymab asset, PAT-DX1, in mid 2022.”

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