RAMSAY SANTE :half-year financial report as at end of December 2023 disposal

RAMSAY SANTE :half-year financial report as at end of December 2023 disposal

RAMSAY SANTE :half-year financial report as at end of December 2023 disposal

Paris, February 29, 2024






Half-year Financial Report as at end of December 2023 disposal



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About Ramsay Santé :

Ramsay Santé is leader in private hospitalisation and primary care in Europe. The Group has 38,000 employees and works with nearly 9,300 practitioners to treat more than 12 million patients per year in its 465 facilities and 5 countries: France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Italy.

Ramsay Santé offers almost all medical and surgical specialities in three domains: Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics (MSO), Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation (FCR) and Mental Health.
Legally, Ramsay Santé is a mission-driven company committed to constantly improving the health of all patients through innovation. Wherever it operates, the Group contributes to public health service missions and the healthcare network. Through its actions and the constant dedication of its teams, Ramsay Santé is committed to ensuring the entire patient care journey, from prevention to follow-up care.
Every year, the group invests over 200 million euros in innovation to support the evolution and diversity of care pathways, in medical, hospital, digital, and administrative aspects. Through this commitment, our Group enhances access to care for all, commits to provides best-in-class healthcare, systematically engages in dialogue with stakeholders and strives to protect the planet to improve health.

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