Spotlight Medical Emerges from Stealth to Tackle the Critical Issue of Inadequate Cancer Treatments

Spotlight Medical Emerges from Stealth to Tackle the Critical Issue of Inadequate Cancer Treatments

Spotlight Medical Emerges from Stealth to Tackle the Critical Issue of Inadequate Cancer Treatments

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spotlight Medical, spinoff of Institut Curie, proudly announced its official launch. This innovative startup aims to transform cancer treatment using advanced artificial intelligence (AI), leveraging a unique technology developed by researchers and clinicians from Institut Curie, Mines Paris – PSL, and Inserm, over several years.

Founded by a physician, an AI researcher, and an entrepreneur, Spotlight Medical addresses the critical issue of inadequate cancer treatments. Many patients face over- or undertreatment, leading to reduced survival rates and unnecessary side effects. The founders believe that patient data holds untapped potential, which AI can harness to significantly improve patient care by identifying the most appropriate treatment for each individual.

Our incredibly powerful and innovative technology has unlocked unprecedented capabilities in tailoring cancer treatments,” said Sylvain Berlemont, co-founder and CEO of Spotlight Medical. “The potential impact on patient survival rates and quality of life is immense, heralding a new era in personalized cancer treatment. Our mission is to make it a reality—for patients and their families.”

Spotlight Medical’s clinical AI tests extract meaningful biological information from patient data within a secure and regulated framework. This data predicts treatment response efficacy, guiding oncologists in selecting the most suitable options for their patients. The technology is versatile, capable of handling various cancer types, with the first test focusing on a specific use case to be announced soon.

The strategic alliance between Institut Curie and Spotlight Medical combines clinical expertise, extensive clinical data, advanced technology, and industrial resources to accelerate the development and implementation of innovative cancer solutions.

The launch of Spotlight Medical, based on the pioneer work conducted in Institut Curie’s lab and leveraged by Institut Curie’s clinical data, is further proof of our ability to develop high-potential entrepreneurial projects. Spotlight Medical is paving the way for a major, innovative, and promising improvement of patient treatments, said Cécile Campagne, PhD, Director of Institut Curie’s Technology Transfer Office.

About Spotlight Medical

Spotlight Medical is a precision medicine company striving to free all patients from cancer through a better understanding of each patient’s unique disease. We develop advanced AI tests that enhance treatment selection by leveraging decades of patient data. This ensures personalized and effective care for each individual, significantly improving patient outcomes and quality of life. By closely collaborating with physicians, we create impactful tests that address critical unmet clinical needs, opening a new era in cancer care.

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About Institut Curie

Institut Curie, France’s leading cancer center, combines an internationally-renowned research center with a cutting-edge hospital group, treating all types of cancer, including the rarest. Founded in 1909 by Marie Curie, Institut Curie has 3 sites (Paris, Saint-Cloud and Orsay) with over 3,700 researchers, physicians and health professionals working on its 3 missions: treatment, research and teaching. A private foundation with public utility status, Institut Curie is authorized to accept donations and bequests, and thanks to the support of its donors, is able to accelerate discoveries and improve patient treatment and quality of life.

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