Titian Receives Multi-Year Commitment from Charles River for Mosaic Sample Management Software

Titian Receives Multi-Year Commitment from Charles River for Mosaic Sample Management Software

Titian Receives Multi-Year Commitment from Charles River for Mosaic Sample Management Software

The new 3-year agreement deepens a long-standing relationship between the two companies and provides Charles River with new opportunities to support future growth.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#lifesciencesTitian Software and Charles River Laboratories have entered into a new 3-year partnership agreement, expanding Charles River’s sample management capabilities.

Titian’s Mosaic sample management software is already well-established within Charles River’s Discovery division, where the company has used the platform for 12 years to support programs from hit-identification to candidate selection. This agreement aims to add significant new capabilities to Charles River’s sample management processes while providing a higher throughput capacity for automated liquid handling. This ensures more efficient turnaround times, increased potential for assays performed, and quicker results, benefiting both Charles River and its customers.

Charles River prioritises client experience by providing the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology organisations with services to expedite the discovery, early-stage development, and safe manufacture of novel drugs and therapeutics. As such, it’s imperative that they use best-in-class equipment and best-practice sample management processes.

Catherine O’Connell, Associate Director Small Molecule Drug Discovery, explains why Charles River continued its long-standing relationship with Titian: “Supporting our clients is at the forefront of everything we do, and Mosaic allows us to deliver a seamless experience between our sample inventory and our clients’ inventory.”

By ensuring that all samples are accurately tracked and auditable throughout the drug discovery and development process, the Mosaic platform increases the process efficiency helping Charles River to provide an outstanding client experience.

Laboratory integrations are also a leading factor in the success and renewed partnership between Titian Software and Charles River. Mosaic’s integration with high-throughput liquid handling systems allows for faster and error free sample transfers. This helps speed up the drug discovery process, further ensuring an excellent client experience.

Charles River is already in the process of integrating Mosaic with Beckman Coulter Life Science Access platforms and Echo liquid handlers, and has plans to increase their throughput and liquid handling capacity by fully integrating two additional acoustic liquid handlers in a new platform with Mosaic.

David Booth, director, major accounts, Europe at Titian Software expands on this: “Charles River have made significant investments in automation platforms and the extended integration with Mosaic provides easy access to maximise the throughput and flexibility of these new platforms. Charles River also plans to add additional functionality, including the Mosaic shipping module in order to add further efficiencies to managing processes and chain of custody, such as the preparation of shipments of prepared samples to their clients.”

These integrations will also help to improve data quality by reducing the chance of human error and ensuring only accurate data is being inputted into Mosaic as the exact volume transfers are automatically captured in the Mosaic inventory and in the audit trail.

Expanding the horizons of the partnership, Charles River is implementing new Mosaic features that provide a better overall experience to clients. For example, the Mosaic Shipping module provides the integrated ability to track shipments, both increasing visibility and efficiency as everything can be viewed from one system, strengthening the audit trail and sample management process.

Furthermore, by increasing the number of Mosaic users at Charles River, new and additional drug discovery and development processes can be tracked and automated in Mosaic. Catherine O’Connell, Associate Director Small Molecule Drug Discovery in Discovery Sciences at Charles River explains: “It’s about how it makes us efficient but gives us flexibility to adapt quickly to any changes.”

Edmund Wilson, Chief Product Officer at Titian Software: “We are delighted to be extending our strong partnership with Charles River. One of the benefits for Titian of working with a company like Charles River for more than a decade is their wealth of experience using Mosaic. They provide valuable user insights and feedback that constantly allows us to develop and improve the platform.”

“I think it’s always been a very beneficial relationship. I look forward to the next three years,” states Richard Martin, Senior Scientific Data Leader at Charles River.

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