Update: Growcentia appoints Darrin Paschal as new chief commercial officer

Update: Growcentia appoints Darrin Paschal as new chief commercial officer

Update: Growcentia appoints Darrin Paschal as new chief commercial officer

Utilizing decades of experience, Paschal will bring his strategic leadership and technical know-how to Growcentia as the company continues to expand

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Oct. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Growcentia®, a Colorado-based biological agtech company producing microbial and natural soil and plant health solutions, today announced Darrin Paschal, a 25-year industry veteran in indoor growing, home gardening, horticulture and agriculture, as the company’s new chief commercial officer, effective Oct. 10. 

“With great pleasure and excitement, we are honored to officially welcome Darrin to our team, and we have already experienced the value and leadership he provides to our staff, customers and partners,” said Scott Wiley, chief executive officer of Growcentia. “Darrin’s extensive network  and his proven knowledge in arenas so integral to our success make him an ideal addition to our growing company.”

As chief commercial officer, Paschal will contribute his decades of experience in commercial horticulture, specialty agriculture and controlled environment agriculture to facilitate strategic growth and day-to-day operations of the company’s comprehensive product strategy, research and development and product development initiatives.

“Growing up in a rural farming community inspired my passion for soil health and instilled regenerative farming practices that I employ on my own farm to this day,” said Paschal. “My goal is to help companies and growers benefit from leading-edge sustainable and environmentally responsible technologies, and I’m grateful to join a like-minded organization that provides those advanced solutions.”

For most of the last decade, Growcentia has applied cutting-edge science to deliver biological and nature-based growing solutions for growers of all types of crops. Founded by three Ph.D. soil microbiologists from Colorado State University, the company’s Mammoth® and Mammoth Garden® product lines harness the power of nature to increase yields and improve plant health while reducing the impact on the environment.

To help support Growcentia’s continued expansion, the company recently opened a new headquarters in Loveland. The 30,000-square-foot facility allows the company to expand its research and development efforts and grow its national and international customer base. It features two microbiological fermentation manufacturing bays, an indoor plant trial with experimentation space and a laboratory for R&D.

For more information about Growcentia, please visit www.Growcentia.com.

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Growcentia is a Colorado-based agricultural biotech company known for producing plant and soil health solutions that use advanced science to unleash the power of nature. Founded by three Ph.D. soil microbiologists from Colorado State University who share a passion for enhancing soil and crop health and promoting sustainable agriculture, Growcentia is a leading provider of biological alternatives aimed at helping cultivators enhance plant health with a family of products that include organic microbial nutrient enhances and all-natural pesticides. For more information about how Growcentia empowers growers to harness the power of nature, visit Growcentia.com.

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