Verana Health Committed to Revolutionizing Clinical Trials with Enhancements to SaaS Applications

Verana Health Committed to Revolutionizing Clinical Trials with Enhancements to SaaS Applications

Verana Health Committed to Revolutionizing Clinical Trials with Enhancements to SaaS Applications

VeraSite and Verana Trial Connect utilize a comprehensive real-world dataset, coupled with an intuitive user experience, to help sponsors, CROs, and clinicians accelerate clinical trial recruitment and expand clinical trial opportunities for patients

SAN FRANCISCO, June 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Verana Health®, a digital health company dedicated to revolutionizing patient care and clinical research through real-world data (RWD), announces new functionality within its VeraSite and Verana Trial Connect (VTC) software as a service applications, which will further drive optimization for trial sponsors and practice sites. As clinical trials become more complex, and the number of registered clinical trials continues to grow, powerful RWD analytics allow data-driven decisions to be made that can help accelerate and improve clinical trials.

VeraSite is a site-selection application that offers trial sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) a high-velocity and secure option to identify practices with specific patient populations that fit their clinical trials. The application, which currently draws a vast amount of de-identified real-world electronic health record (EHR) data from the American Academy of Ophthalmology IRIS® Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight), provides insights into the impact of inclusion and exclusion criteria on the eligible trial population to inform trial design. Additionally, sponsors and CROs are able to view practice-level details, including research experience and clinician subspecialty, and anonymized patient demographics. VeraSite includes data from a wide range of community practices, allowing sponsors to engage sites that are well-positioned to recruit a diverse pool of patients, and ensuring trials are representative of the broader patient population. With the ability to identify practices with patients matched to study protocols, VeraSite ensures sites are strategically selected based on regularly refreshed information.

Since announcing its launch during the Drug Information Association (DIA) Global Annual Meeting in June 2023, Verana Health has been working closely with customers to continue growing VeraSite’s capabilities. For example, users now have access to extensive therapeutic-specific code lists that enable quick searches of EHR data. Coming soon for ophthalmology users, is the ability for sponsors and CROs to develop cohorts that track eligible eyes. Since clinical trial eligibility is often specific to the study eye, this is helpful in that it allows users to create cohorts using laterality to follow a specific eye.

While VeraSite is a valuable resource for sponsors and CROs to identify sites, VTC empowers selected sites to accelerate trial recruitment. VTC is a powerful patient pre-screening application designed to help research teams review information from EHRs to identify eligible candidates for trials, and help manage patient pre-screening effectively. VTC leverages structured and unstructured EHR data to automate the inclusion and exclusion criteria eligibility review, leading to a more streamlined, accurate and efficient pre-screening workflow. This helps clinicians connect their patients to innovative therapies through clinical trials, while minimizing the administrative burden. Research teams benefit from new workflow applications that allow them to communicate more efficiently through notes logs, and prepare them to meet with eligible patients arriving on site by viewing integrated next appointment data.

“In 2023, the FDA approved the second-highest number of drugs in 30 years, and thanks to ongoing advancements, we don’t expect research to slow. We are committed to applying secure and advanced technology, high-quality data, and expertise to our solutions to transform the clinical trials landscape so that more patients may be reached, and our customers can accelerate treatments in a cost-effective way,” said Sujay Jadhav, CEO of Verana Health.

Verana Health is the exclusive data curation and analytics partner of the IRIS Registry, one of the largest specialty society clinical data registries in all of medicine, containing longitudinal de-identified patient data collected from 15,000 contributing clinicians. Refreshed monthly, this dataset provides comprehensive, timely insights into potential study participants, allowing organizations to make faster and more accurate site selection decisions.

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