Voxeleron’s Orion Ophthalmic Image Analysis Platform Reduces Variability of Clinical Trial Outputs

Voxeleron’s Orion Ophthalmic Image Analysis Platform Reduces Variability of Clinical Trial Outputs

Voxeleron’s Orion Ophthalmic Image Analysis Platform Reduces Variability of Clinical Trial Outputs

When compared to OEM software, Orion delivered a more streamlined workflow and accurate results with less variability

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Voxeleron, a cloud-based ophthalmic image analysis platform provider, announced today the results of a study demonstrating its Orion platform delivers higher accuracies and reduced variability when compared to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software from Carl Zeiss Cirrus and Heidelberg Spectralis. The study used Orion to analyze optical coherence tomography (OCT) images from the two manufacturers and clearly showed greater accuracy while reducing variability, and achieving both within a more streamlined workflow.

To fulfill recruitment goals, large clinical trials must use images from numerous sites utilizing different imaging vendor systems. For OCT images, the difference is not just in terms of the data formats, but also in terms of the analysis results. Most OEM software programs can introduce bias that can negatively affect study data. Orion is a vendor-neutral platform that both reads and processes OCT images from multiple devices within a common platform, significantly consolidating and minimizing a reading center’s requirements for software and devices. In addition, Orion offers an intuitive interface to reduce errors while speeding up reading center workflow.

“We selected Orion to maximize efficiencies and minimize errors,” said Jason S. Slakter, MD, Medical Director of World Care Clinical. “As this recent study demonstrates, Orion offers the most intuitive and accurate common-platform OCT analysis methods available, which provides advantages that we directly pass along to the trial sponsors.”

“Our team created Orion to address critical technology gaps in OCT analysis platforms,” said Jonathan Oakley, Co-founder of Voxeleron. “The most important gap being inter-operability, and we are delighted to share the results of the work as we continue to highlight its role in enabling successful ophthalmic clinical trials and, ultimately, better patient outcomes.”

Voxeleron continues to expand its AI-enabled ophthalmic analysis offerings, and will be showcasing these at the upcoming ARVO 2023 Conference on April 23-27 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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