Wedding Season Is Open: A Radiant Bride and a Wedding to Remember with Quanta’s Laser Skincare!

Wedding Season Is Open: A Radiant Bride and a Wedding to Remember with Quanta’s Laser Skincare!

Wedding Season Is Open: A Radiant Bride and a Wedding to Remember with Quanta’s Laser Skincare!

Wedding season is in full swing and brides all over the world dream of looking their best on their special day. However, the preparations can be a source of great stress, which often takes its toll on the skin, leaving it dull and tired. After 5 years since the launch of the worldwide “laser skincare” trend, the company Quanta System is once again a leader in facial treatments for this wedding season. Today, the dream of a flawless complexion and natural radiance becomes a reality.

SAMARATE, Italy–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#laserskincare–According to recent research, skincare is a priority for 90% of brides (The Knot 2023 Wedding Beauty Survey) who consider the appearance of their skin crucial to their wedding day, and 65% of brides-to-be (The Knot 2023 Wedding Wellness Survey) have adopted a healthier lifestyle in preparation for the big day, including a skincare routine.

Laser skincare offers a wide range of personalized treatments to meet each specific need, such as Pico Filling, facial resurfacing with an anti-aging effect to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as confirmed by Dr. Matteo Tretti Clementoni, a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Laserplast Clinic in Milan: “When skin defects are not too obvious, the use of low-energy picosecond fractional laser allows us to stimulate collagen production in a noticeable and clinical way, while offering a very short follow-up treatment that does not interfere with the relationship life. It is my method of choice for young patients who are beginning to show first signs of aging.”

68% of European brides in 2023 will invest in skincare products and treatments in the months leading up to their weddings (The Wedding Report 2023 – Bridebook). This trend is also confirmed by Dr. Paolo Sbano, Medical Director at the U.O.C. of Dermatology of the University Polyclinic “Santa Maria alle Scotte” in Siena and at the U.O.S.D. of the Hospital “Bel Colle” in Viterbo: “With the Iconic Peel of Youlaser Prime by Quanta treatment it is possible to obtain a deep exfoliation combined with a regenerative stimulus in collagen neosynthesis. The result is a general improvement in the skin texture. It is recommended to perform this procedure well in advance (40-60 days) of the wedding day to take full advantage of the regenerative potential. The treatment, which can also be performed in summer and with very short recovery times (typically 2-3 days of redness), is therefore compatible with other aesthetic procedures or specific skin care.”

These procedures are non-invasive and painless, fast and safe for total comfort, and the results are immediate and long-lasting with a glowing effect for a healthy, radiant complexion. With laser skincare, you can finally say goodbye to pre-wedding stress and enjoy flawless skin on your special day.

“Quanta NaturaPeel┬« is one of the most requested skin care treatments. In addition, it is an instant treatment that can be done the day before an important event, such as a wedding, leaving the skin radiant and smooth,” says Dr. Sergio Fern├índez, Aesthetic Doctor at Le Med Clinic in Madrid.

Today, your dream of a flawless complexion and natural glow becomes a reality.


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