CGU Biotech365

Condition Générale d’Utilisation – General Terms and Conditions of Use

The minimal subscription period is 1 month for monthly subscriptions or 1 year for yearly subscriptions.

By subscribing to the Investors databases, you’ll get access to our Investors Databases, where you can filter to find investors matching your criteria. This investors database includes their investment criteria, website, LinkedIn page to contact them, etc. Please check our DEMO version to see exactly the kind of content you can anticipate from our databases. You can verify the % filled of each column at the bottom of the DEMO database (% Filled) to know exactly what you’ll obtain after subscribing.

You are not allowed to download or copy/paste the Databases, even after subscribing to our services. You’ll always need to access it online through our website.

We accept payments only by Credit Card. We use the most trusted service providers for online payments (WooCommerce and Stripe), used by thousands of websites worldwide. They are at the forefront of cybersecurity, so your payment is safe on

We only store your name, company name and email to be able to send you your Access Link and Access Password to access your databases. We won’t store any other of your personal data on our database. And we’ll never sell them to any other third parties.

For users of the CRO & CDMO Search Engine service, your contact details will be shared with our partners (CRO, CDMO, Services companies) allowing them to send you the quotations you requested.

Regarding the cancellation policy, we’re 100% transparent with the quality of our databases. By using our Free DEMO version, you can verify before purchasing how many investors are in our database that will match exactly your criteria. Each cell filled in the DEMO version with “XXXXXXXXX” will be filled with relevant info in your Database. So no surprise, you know exactly what you’re buying. Thus our cancellation policy is very strict: to cancel your purchase you need send us an email at contact [ at ] within 24H after your purchase on our website, and explain why you want to cancel (excluded acceptable reason being that the investors database doesn’t match your expectation).

Your subscritpion will be automatically renewed every month for monthly subscriptions or every year for yearly subscriptions. To stop your subscription, just send us an email at with your User Number and we’ll stop your subscription the following period (every started period is due).

We use Airtable as our service provider for the database back-office structure. It allows Biotech365 to have a user-friendly interface, 100% safe and highly customizable.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at admin [ at ]