Database researchers

Database researchers : More than 100.000 scientific papers are published every month, as well as thousands of Grants and Fellowships. This incredible source of potential Leads is freely available online but too big to be extracted manually. Thus, we extracted them for you !

Database researchers

We developed a proprietary and innovative software to propose you specific Leads. Just define your needs and we send you a full list of potential customers !

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=> To order a Researchers Database, please contact us : contact [@] . Thanks !

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For any specific request (higher volume, targeting specific universities or research centers, CRO/CDMO, specific pharma / conditions pipeline, drugs in development, specific database, patents, specific informations needed like phone number, etc…), please contact us . Numbers of contacts presented here are only an estimation. The definitive numbers of contacts will be defined when the final extraction is made and when will give you the final number before the payment. We don’t store any data/contacts, but instead we extract them according to our customers’ needs. So this business is 100% GDPR compliant!

Testimonials :

Pilar Puig – CEO of BioExpert Network :BioLeads has saved me more than once. I needed a list of experts in the field of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis to review a project and I received over 500 names and emails of very specialized scientists. I got it in less than 48 hours, in a very friendly format and around 10% of the leads joined the BioExpert Network project.

Disclaimer: BioLeads is a proprietary software brought to you by Biotech 365. The list of contacts proposed by this software comes from publicly available information on internet. It is customer’s responsibility to comply with laws and regulations regarding how they use those contacts. Researchers behind those emails didn’t opted-in to any list to be contacted by email. Those emails are part of freely available scientific publications. You must use those emails for your own direct business needs only. It’s your responsibility to comply with laws and regulations regarding those emails.

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Database researchers – Database scientists – Database scientific customers

Database researchers – Database scientists – Database scientific customers

Database researchers – Database scientists – Database scientific customers