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Terms & Conditions Biotech-365.com

The website “Biotech-365.com” is published by a company registered at the Directory of Companies MIDI PYRENEES under No. 788 777 779 00018. The “Biotech-365.com” website is an internet website proposing Biotech information and news (innovative biotech companies, biotech startups, biotech tools, etc…). “Biotech-365.com” offers to visitors access to various services in connection with its editorial content. The use of the website and services included in “Biotech-365.com” implies full acceptance by the User of these Terms & Conditions. These Terms & Conditions do not transfer any intellectual property rights to the user. “Biotech-365.com” is committed to respect your privacy and to protect it. “Biotech-365.com” undertakes not to disclose or sell your personal information to third parties.

All rights reserved, including text, downloadable documents, iconographic and photographic representations. As such, in the absence of express written permission, it is strictly forbidden to use the contents of the website “Biotech-365.com” website and in particular to reproduce, display, modify or adapt all or part of its content.
The “Biotech-365.com” website is an internet site proposing Biotech information and news, and it is of purely informative nature. It does not in itself implies a legal recognizance or a contractual agreement from “Biotech-365.com” which also reserves the right to change, at its option, the characteristics of products, information and services that are presented.

“Biotech-365.com” strives to provide users with available tools and reliable information, and will always present certified Biotech or Biopharma companies. However, “Biotech-365.com” can not assure users of the website accuracy, completeness, or real-time updating of information and the availability of that website or its newsletter. “Biotech-365.com” can not assure users of the Internet “Biotech-365.com” site secret correspondence e-mail or any other method of communication using Internet and can be received by a third because of the way of data traffic on the network. In addition, it is up to each user to take all appropriate measures to protect its own data and / or software from contamination by viruses circulating on the Internet. Consequently, the responsibility of “Biotech-365.com” will in no way be involved due to the use of this information and / or tools available on “Biotech-365.com” website. Similarly, the responsibility of “Biotech-365.com” can not be involved in the following cases:
– Difficulties in operation or interruption of its services beyond the control of “Biotech-365.com”;
– Temporary interruptions of the services or the website “Biotech-365.com” necessary for development, maintenance and/or updating;
– Failures or malfunction of the Internet in the transmission of data, messages or documents.

We use the services of third-party advertising companies that display advertisements when you visit our site. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, phone number, e-mail address) about your visits to this site and other sites to submit to advertisements about goods and services affinity with your interests. “Biotech-365.com” could in no way be held responsible for any disputes.
The “Biotech-365.com” website may contain links to websites operated by third parties. These links are provided for your convenience and do not imply any partnership, association, or legal relationship whatsoever between “Biotech-365.com” and the operators of these third party sites. “Biotech-365.com” has no control over the submitted sites and disclaims any responsibility for their proper functioning, their content, changes and updates. It is your responsibility to check the terms of access, use and properties for each of these operating sites, as well as legal and contractual guarantees offered by them and comply with them.

The persons and entities who want to create or create hyperlinks from another web page or another website to the pages of “Biotech-365.com” must comply with the following conditions: (i) It is not allowed to reproduce, partly or entirely, services and / or contents of “Biotech-365.com” (ii) No false, inaccurate or incorrect will be made on the pages of “Biotech-365.com” (iii) In addition to the elements contained in the hyperlink, the web page on which it appears must not contain any trademark, trade name, inscription, name, logo, slogan or any other distinctive sign except when written from “Biotech-365.com” ‘s permission. (iv) The creation of a “hyperlink” does not imply the existence of a relationship between “Biotech-365.com” and the owner of the web page on which the link appears. (v) “Biotech-365.com” can not be held liable for the content and / or services published on the web page or site from which the link is available, or the information or statements contained on this page and / or website . “Biotech-365.com” reject any responsibility for the information contained on the web pages of third parties linked to the website “Biotech-365.com” or via links that are not directly managed by the directors of “Biotech-365.com” site. The available links from “Biotech-365.com” have the sole purpose of providing information and in no way constitute a suggestion, invitation or recommendation to visit these sites.

At no time and in any way, “Biotech-365.com” assumes no responsibility for any damage that may be caused by the information, content, products or services provided, published, hosted, transmitted, displayed or offered by third parties, including service providers of information systems. “Biotech-365.com” assumes no liability for use or further processing by third parties of personal data, nor the relevance of the information sought by the latter. Participants may be individuals all major age, according to the laws governing their nationality, who register as participants and provide for this information and authentic data. Simply by completing the registration form, the participant agrees irrevocably to these Terms & Conditions.

Participants are requested to comply with applicable law in their jurisdiction. “Biotech-365.com” does not know the law applicable to each Participant and assumes no responsibility. Participants are advised to seeking information relating to taxes and laws to approach the competent authorities in their jurisdiction and / or use the services of specialists. It is strictly prohibited to use any other method or automatic programs to increase the number of pages and print advertisements. It is strictly prohibited to broadcast porn sites, pedophiles, racist and not lawful character. “Biotech-365.com” reserves the right to:
– Change these Terms and Conditions as well as the conditions of access to “Biotech-365.com” website, unilaterally and without notice, without prejudice to special conditions governing the use of certain services and / or website content.
– Establish new special conditions.
– Limit, exclude or affect access to the “Biotech-365.com” website of some users in the case that they would not provide all necessary safeguards to justify a correct use of the website in accordance with the requirements and prohibitions which they are subject.
– Stop the service or the delivery of content without it can give right to compensation.
– Modify unilaterally and without prior notice at any time, the structure and design of the website and update, modify or remove all or part of its content, services, access and / or Terms and Conditions, this may include the restriction or prohibition of access to the information in question.
– Deny, at any time and without notice, access to the “Biotech-365.com” website to the Participants that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.
– Undertake any legal or judicial action necessary to protect the rights of “Biotech-365.com” as well as those of third parties that provide services or content through the “Biotech-365.com” website, whenever it is deemed necessary and relevant.

Users can:
– Get a free way and without any prior authorization to the content and services available on the “Biotech-365.com” website, without prejudice to the specific technical requirements, or the need to register to access certain services and content in accordance with provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
– Use the services and content available on the website as part of a personal use only.
– Have an appropriate and lawful use of the site, in accordance with the law, morals, good manners and public order.
– Under no circumstances, the User may: (i) Access or use the services and contents of the website for illegal purposes or prohibited by these Terms, which affect the rights and freedoms of others, or which may harm, offend or prevent in any manner whatsoever, access to these website to the detriment of “Biotech-365.com” or third parties. (ii) Using the services of “Biotech-365.com” in whole or in part, to promote, sell, contract, advertise or distribute personal information or any third party without prior written consent of “Biotech-365.com” (iii) Create hyperlinks to web pages from personal or business to the “Biotech-365.com” website not complying with the conditions laid down for it. (iv) Using the services and content available through the website, in a roundabout way or contrary to the conditions governing the use, and injury or damage to other Users and / or “Biotech-365.com” (v) Perform any action that would prevent or hinder access to the site for other users as well as access to hyperlinks to the content and services offered by “Biotech-365.com” or to third parties through the website. (vi) Using the “Biotech-365.com” website as a means of access to the Internet to commit illegal or contrary to the law in force actions, morals, good manners and public order. (vii) use any type of computer virus, code, software, computer program, computer equipment or communications that may cause damage or alter the contents, programs or systems accessible through the services and contents of the website or information, files and computer equipment of its users systems; or unauthorized access to the services and / or contents of Internet “Biotech-365.com” website. (viii) Remove or modify in any way the guards or identifying “Biotech-365.com” or those owners hosted on the Website content or logos and symbols “Biotech-365.com” or third party rights owners, incorporated within designs / objects of intellectual or industrial property available on the website. (ix) Put on websites owned or her responsibility, the “meta tags” corresponding to trade marks, trade names or logos belonging to “Biotech-365.com” or to third parties. (x) reproduce, totally or partially, the website “Biotech-365.com” on another site or another web page, without complying with the conditions laid down for it. (xi) Make application frameworks on the Website or web pages accessible from the latter, which can block or modify – indicative but not limited to – the contents, advertising and brands “Biotech-365.com”or third, regardless of whether it may constitute an act of unfair competition or be a mistake. (xii) Create “framework” on a website belonging to liability or that reproduce the homepage “Biotech-365.com” and / or pages accessible through the latter, without prior written permission of “Biotech-365.com”.

“Biotech-365.com” may propose, as part of its services, a formal relationship between the User and Partners. “Biotech-365.com” remains foreign to any contractual relationship which may be concluded between the User and a third party or partner, even if the contractual relationship is born through the Site. Under no circumstances “Biotech-365.com” could be involved in the contractual relationship that is born through the website and the responsibility of “Biotech-365.com” can not be involved. The User guarantees “Biotech-365.com” against any wrongful act he committed in respect of a partner, including for breach of contractual obligations to a partner. In case of breach of obligations by the Partner, the user can not turn against “Biotech-365.com”. It is up to the user to learn directly from the partner, the conditions applicable to the services provided by the Partner. Responsibility of “Biotech-365.com” could not be involved for events and/or contracts that may occur from the linkage made ​​between the User and the partner through “Biotech-365.com”. The “Biotech-365.com” website does not offer other benefits than simple platform for linking between users and partners and can not be held responsible especially for the negotiation, conclusion or performance of the contract .

Terms & Conditions Biotech-365.com

Terms and Conditions Biotech-365.com