AmplyCell – optimizing monoclonal antibody production

AmplyCell is a Biotech Service Provider optimizing monoclonal antibody production for diagnostic and biopharma companies, CMO and research groups.

AmplyCell – optimizing monoclonal antibody production

AmplyCell is specialized in stabilizing cell lines in order for these hybridoma to secrete during a longer period of time and to boost their productivity in monoclonal antibodies. From the first contacts, AmplyCell offers its clients to sign a confidentiality agreement. The exchange of information can then occur in full transparency. Once the requests are fully understood, AmplyCell sends a quote with specifications, and then the practical part may start. This 4-stage process (diagnostic, boost, selection and quantification) usually lasts from 4 to 12 weeks and finally provides an average of 500% profitability increase. During the first diagnostic phase, the cells are placed in the best condition for their stimulation. Then a boosting phase during which cells are treated with AmplyCell’s proprietary technologies. The third step is a recovery phase during which AmplyCell follows the best hybridoma cells responding to stimulations. Finally, a study and quantification phase allows to select the best possible clones predisposed to a better stability and/or productivity. At the end of the process, retained clones are frozen in four vials. Two of them are sent back to the customers in order to analyze them and to create a master cell bank. The other two vials are preserved in AmplyCell’s labs as a back-up. The production costs for monoclonal antibodies are more competitive thanks to the increase in cells productivity. Thus, AmplyCell offers a better profitability without any change in customer’s cell culture habit.
AmplyCell is a spin-off emerging from « Centre de Coopération Technique et Pédagogique » (CECOTEPE), a research center in Liège (Belgium). Amply Cell was founded by experts in monoclonal antibodies: Jean Michel CLOES and Geoffrey HOLSBEEK. AmplyCell‘s labs are now located in the GIGA – ENTREPRISE 1 incubator complex in Liège.

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AmplyCell – optimizing monoclonal antibody production – Jean Michel CLOES – Geoffrey HOLSBEEK

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