Caribou Biosciences – engineering any genome

Caribou Biosciences is a biotech company developing technology-based solutions for cellular engineering and analysis.

Caribou Biosciences – engineering any genome

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The Caribou technology platform centers on genome editing using Cas9 (a protein derived from the CRISPR prokaryotic immune system). Cas9 is a nuclease using short RNA molecules (guide RNAs) to target the protein to a specific sequence within double-stranded DNA. Modifying this RNA sequence allows to re-direct Cas9 to almost any DNA sequence. This system can be used to introduce new DNA sequences or to create deletions at the break site (knock-in, knock-out, or introduce specific edits to the genome). Furthermore, Cas9 can be combined with multiple guide RNAs to enable multiplex engineering and editing at many sites in parallel. This technologies mark a revolutionary development allowing researchers to engineer nearly any part of any genome with extreme flexibility. Caribou’s tools provide transformative capabilities to basic and applied biological research, agricultural biotechnology, therapeutic development, and industrial biotechnology.

Caribou Biosciences, founded in 2011, is a biotech company headquartered in the USA. Board of directors is composed by Rodolphe Barrangou, Jenny Rooke, Robert Weisskoff and Rachel Haurwitz. Scientific Advisory Board is composed by Jennifer Doudna, Martin Jinek and James Berger. Management Team is composed by Rachel Haurwitz and Andrew May. Key research programs at Caribou Bio focus on further development of Cas9 and CRISPR technologies with improved genome engineering activity. Caribou has several strategic alliances with companies in the research, therapeutics, and industrial bio fields.

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