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CD Genomics- Whole Genome Sequencing Based on Next Generation Sequencing

CD Genomics

The sequencing is an important method for our research in many fields, and the rapid development of sequencing technology lead great change to research like medical research and agricultural research. With the development of technology and platform, the whole genome sequencing becomes possible. It can help us know more about the difference between individuals, and the secrets of all kinds of disease of human beings.

The appearance of the next generation sequencing, which is the NGS technology, has greatly changed the world of whole genome sequencing. It can get millions DNA sequenced at the same time. And it also makes it possible for detailed analysis of the transcriptomics and genome of one species. Next generation sequencing has a wide application. For example, it can be used to do de novo sequencing for species which never be sequenced; it can also do whole genome resequencing to find differentiation between individuals; or it can be used in small RNA sequencing by isolating specific RNA molecular and sequencing them. However, the whole genome sequencing based on next generation sequencing is more widely used in many fields.

One of the most standard platforms for next generation is the illumina 2500. It has broken the $1000 barrier and makes whole genome sequencing more affordable. It is cheap and quick, but keeps the characteristic of accuracy.

CD Genomics is a biotechnology company which provides sequencing service, genotyping service, microarray service and customer service for global reseachers. Established in 2004, CD Genomics has brought up a professional work team to meet the needs of its customers. It has introduced the most advanced technology and platform for its service. With nearly ten-year efforts, CD Genomics now is a world-wide competitive biotechnology company. Based on next generation sequencing technology, its whole genome sequencing service is dependable and reliable. To give the best service for customers, CD Genomics provides professional whole genome sequencing analysis service.

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