CLC Bio – sequence analysis software

CLC Bio is a world’s leading bioinformatics software developer company providing an analysis platform where both desktop and server software are integrated for best performance.

CLC Bio – sequence analysis software

clc bio

CLC Bio’s platform serves as the backbone of sequence analysis pipelines for a large number of research institutions, supporting all major next generation sequencing platforms as well as traditional Sanger-based sequencing. Thus, CLC Bio proposes a one-stop-shop for analysis across all sequencing platforms. By developing its proprietary algorithms, CLC Bio successfully accelerated the data calculations to achieve remarkable improvements in speed over comparable solutions. These analyses, ranging from next generation sequencing based molecular diagnostics to computational drug discovery to complex plant genome research, are available both through a user-friendly graphical user-interface as well as through command-line, allowing scientists to choose their preferred interface. For instance, CLC Bio offers CLC Genomics Workbench, an analysis package for analyzing, comparing, and visualizing next generation sequencing data. Furthermore, CLC Sequence Viewer is a free software package supporting a number of basic bioinformatics features. CLC Drug Discovery Workbench is a virtual lab bench developed specifically for bench chemists and biochemists, to inspire and facilitate drug design improvements. And CLC Bioinformatics Database is a smart and efficient solution for managing centralized bioinformatics data.
CLC bio was founded by Thomas Knudsen and Bjarne Knudsen in 2004 and launched its first commercial product in November 2005. In September 2012, CLC bio acquired Molegro to add their portfolio of world-leading drug discovery algorithms to its bioinformatics ecosystem. CLC bio has more than 100 employees and is based in Denmark, USA, Taiwan, Japan and India. With around 2000 different organizations as customers around the globe, including some of the biggest biopharma companies, CLC bio established itself as a market-leader in sequence analysis software.

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