CoolLED – LED illumination for fluorescence microscopy

CoolLED is a biotech company designing and manufacturing LED illumination systems for fluorescence microscopy.

CoolLED – LED illumination for fluorescence microscopy


LED illumination is now the system of choice for fluorescence microscopy because it’s more stable, longer lasting, and energy efficient than traditional mercury based illuminators. LED illuminations also offer superior safety and environmental features. CoolLED offers a wide range of LED illumination systems for bioscience microscopy. pE-100 LED illumination systems are a mercury-free, compact and simple to use tools that can be configured to deliver light directly to a microscope, or via a liquid light guide or multimode fiber. CoolLED’s pE-300white offers intense, broad-spectrum LED illumination for imaging most common fluorescent stains.  Spectral coverage is from the UV (DAPI excitation) to the Red region (Cy5 excitation). pE-300white Light Source can be fitted directly to the microscope or specified with a liquid light guide. pE-4000 system has 16 selectable LED wavelengths that can be matched to the filters and fluorophores of almost any microscope, making it the broadest spectrum of illumination available. pE-2 is a fluorescence LED illumination system providing repeatable and controllable light with a choice of 20 different LED peaks. pE-2 is modular, allowing LED wavelengths to be exchanged as requirements vary or additional experiments are added, and is fully integrated under many imaging software packages. Manual control can be done via a remote control pod with instant on/off and intensity control from 0-100%. Furthermore, CoolLED technology is also available in OEM and tailor made configurations.

CoolLED introduced the first commercially available LED illumination system in 2004 and is now based in UK and USA.

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