CRO & CDMO Database

Rentschler BiopharmaGermanyCell Culture / Cell lines , Recombinant protein expressionWebsite
EVerZomFranceExosome / extracellular vesicleWebsite
NovotechAustraliaClinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
Charles River LaboratoriesUSACell Therapy, Vaccine, Small Molecule, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, Rabbits, Rats, Cardiovascular, Auditory, Immunology, Inflammation, Metabolic Disease, Neuroscience, Oncology, Orthopedic, Respiratory / COPDWebsite
Zhejiang Hisun PharmaChinaRecombinant protein expression, mAbs production / ADC, VaccineWebsite
SyngeneIndiaChemistry, mAbs production / ADC, Oligonucleotides, Cell Culture / Cell lines , CMC / GMP productionWebsite
RigenerandItaliaCell Therapy, Gene Therapy, Cell Culture / Cell lines , 3D cell cultureWebsite
ZeClinicsSpainZebrafish, Tox, EfficacyWebsite
Cell-EasyFranceCell TherapyWebsite
XEGENFranceBioinformatics, NGS / SequencingWebsite
Samsung BiologicsSouth KoreaCell Culture / Cell linesWebsite
VibologicsDenmarkOncolytic Viruses, Viral vector vaccines, Vaccine, Viral vectors, Gene TherapyWebsite
AnagramSpainTherapeutics, Oncology, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular, Clinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
Vimta LabsIndiaTherapeutics, Clinical Trial (Phases I to IV), CMC / GMP production, Preclinical studies, GLP studiesWebsite
TheraIndx LifesciencesIndiaTox, PK / PD, ADME, Efficacy, Preclinical studiesWebsite
EndoLab Mechanical EngineeringGermanyMedical DeviceWebsite
Noble Life SciencesUSAVaccine, Medical Device, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, GLP studies, mAbs production / ADCWebsite
Piramal Pharma SolutionsUSAmAbs production / ADC, Preclinical studiesWebsite
Health DecisionsUSAWomen’s HealthWebsite
Cerba ResearchBelgiumClinical Trial (Phases I to IV), DiagnosticsWebsite
Draconis PharmaSpainImmunology, Preclinical studiesWebsite
AntineoFranceOncology, Preclinical studiesWebsite
Corden PharmaGermanyPreclinical studies, Peptides, Small Molecule, CMC / GMP production, OncologyWebsite
Eurofins CDMOFrancePreclinical studies, Peptides, mAbs production / ADC, CMC / GMP productionWebsite
Servier CDMOFranceCMC / GMP productionWebsite
Véto-pharmaFranceVeterinary / Animal HealthWebsite
Emergent BioSolutionsUSAPreclinical studies, CMC / GMP production, Gene TherapyWebsite
Solara Active Pharma SciencesIndiaChemistry, Small Molecule, CMC / GMP productionWebsite
FlammaItaliaCMC / GMP productionWebsite
Hudi Pharma - CDMOItaliaMedical Device, CMC / GMP productionWebsite
KymosSpainmAbs production / ADC, Small Molecule, CMC / GMP production, GLP studies, Preclinical studies, PK / PD, ToxWebsite
IRIS PHARMAFranceOphtalmology, Medical Device, TherapeuticsWebsite
Anapharm BioanalyticsSpainSmall Molecule, PK / PD, Preclinical studies, Tox, GLP studiesWebsite
BioPharma ServicesCanadaClinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
Altogen LabsUSAGLP studies, Preclinical studies, PK / PD, ToxWebsite
IEC - Clinical Trial ServicesSpainClinical Trial (Phases I to IV), Medical DeviceWebsite
Dynamic CROSpainClinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
Bioclever CROSpainClinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
SEEC ENSAYOS CLINICOS LAMexicoClinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
EXPERIOR cro & smoSpainClinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
Sermes CROSpainClinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
PratiaPolandClinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
ClinsciencePolandClinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
Viva BiotechChinaClinical Trial (Phases I to IV), Preclinical studiesWebsite
ArdenaNetherlands, Belgium, Sweden, LatviaPreclinical studies, CMC / GMP productionWebsite
DataRusSpainClinical Trial (Phases I to IV), StatisticsWebsite
OptimapharmCroatia, UK, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Georgia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, MacedoniaClinical Trial (Phases I to IV), StatisticsWebsite
Laboratorio EchevarneSpainClinical Trial (Phases I to IV), Biological analysisWebsite
TFS - Clinical Contract Research OrganizationSweden, Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Italia, Germany, Poland, Norway, USAClinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
UQUIFASpainChemistry, CMC / GMP productionWebsite
GalChimiaSpainChemistry, CMC / GMP productionWebsite
FarmhispaniaSpainChemistry, CMC / GMP productionWebsite
SYNCROSOMEFrancePreclinical studiesWebsite
ParexelUSAClinical Trial (Phases I to IV), RegulatoryWebsite
ICONUKClinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
CovanceUSAClinical Trial (Phases I to IV), Preclinical studiesWebsite
PPDUSAClinical Trial (Phases I to IV)Website
SofpromedSpainClinical Trial (Phases I to IV), OncologyWebsite
AdvaCare PharmaChinaCMC / GMP productionWebsite
Bora PharmaceuticalsTaiwanCMC / GMP productionWebsite
Leanbio ProSpainCMC / GMP production, mAbs production / ADC, Recombinant protein expressionWebsite
Adare Pharma SolutionsUSACMC / GMP productionWebsite
LusochimicaItaliaCMC / GMP production, ChemistryWebsite
OCR - Oncovet Clinical ResearchFrancePreclinical studies, Dogs modelWebsite
Aurigene Pharmaceutical ServicesIndiaPreclinical studies, Dogs modelWebsite
IsoquimenSpainPreclinical studies, Dogs modelWebsite
InterVivo SolutionsUSAPreclinical studies, Dogs modelWebsite
PharmaLegacyChinaPreclinical studiesWebsite
SNBLJapanPreclinical studiesWebsite
PorsoltFrancePreclinical studies, Dogs modelWebsite
VivotecniaSpainPreclinical studies, Dogs model, Tox, PK / PD, Mice, GLP studies, Biological analysisWebsite
OncoFactoryFrancePreclinical studies, OncologyWebsite
SPECIPIGSpainPreclinical studiesWebsite
LEBSASpainCMC / GMP productionWebsite
DelpharmFrance, Belgium, Canada, Poland, Netherlands, ItaliaCMC / GMP production, FormulationsWebsite
Lonza PharmaSwitzerlandmAbs production / ADC, Preclinical studies, CMC / GMP production, Cell Therapy, Exosome / extracellular vesicle, Small MoleculeWebsite
CytenaGermanyCell Culture / Cell lines , ImagingWebsite
QTest LabsUSATox, PK / PD, Preclinical studies, Dogs modelWebsite
FIRALISBelgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, USADiagnosticsWebsite
KGK ScienceCanadaDogs model, Efficacy, Preclinical studiesWebsite
AcceleraItaliaDogs model, Efficacy, Preclinical studies, Tox, PK / PDWebsite
BiocytogeUSAOncology, mAbs production / ADCWebsite
Eurecat - Technology Centre of CataloniaSpainPreclinical studies, Efficacy, Tox, PK / PDWebsite
Leitat Technological CenterSpainPreclinical studies, Efficacy, Tox, PK / PDWebsite
Taconic BiosciencesUSAPreclinical studies, Oncology, EfficacyWebsite
Pharmatest ServicesFinlandPreclinical studies, Oncology, EfficacyWebsite
Creative BiolabsUSAPreclinical studies, Oncology, Efficacy, mAbs production / ADCWebsite
NUVISAN The Science CROGermanyPreclinical studies, Oncology, Efficacy, Tox, PK / PDWebsite
TransCure bioServicesFrancePreclinical studies, Oncology, Efficacy, Tox, PK / PDWebsite
ExplicyteFrancePreclinical studies, Oncology, Efficacy, Tox, PK / PDWebsite
Actylis / Cascade / AcetoUSACMC / GMP production, ChemistryWebsite
Sangene BiotechIndiaPreclinical studies, Tox, PK / PD, EfficacyWebsite
SyngeneIndiaPreclinical studies, Tox, PK / PD, EfficacyWebsite
VIVEbiotechSpainCMC / GMP productionWebsite
SELVITAPolandPreclinical studies, Tox, PK / PDWebsite
APICES SOLUCIONESSpainClinical Trial (Phases I to IV), OncologyWebsite
OPIS CROItaliaClinical Trial (Phases I to IV), OncologyWebsite
SGSSwitzerlandClinical Trial (Phases I to IV), OncologyWebsite
CAPEVAL PHARMAFrancePreclinical studies, Tox, PK / PDWebsite
GemPharmatechUSAPreclinical studiesWebsite

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