Horizon Discovery – genetically-defined cell lines

Horizon Discovery is a trusted supplier of genetically-defined cell lines, genomic reference standards, reporter gene assay kits and contract research services. Horizon Discovery already supports lots of organizations engaged in drug discovery and development, bio-pharmaceutical process optimization and clinical diagnostic development.

Horizon Discovery – genetically-defined cell lines

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Horizon Discovery is a leading life science company supplying research tools in oncology, translational medicine and genome-editing. Horizon Discovery’s expertise in translational genomics has led to the development of rAAV gene-editing, a proprietary genome-editing platform based on the unique ability of rAAV vectors to stimulate homologous recombination. Thus, rAAV enables the precise editing of a desired DNA sequence into any endogenous gene loci in any mammalian cell. This GENESIS platform confers the ability to rapidly introduce any genetic variation into any endogenous gene loci of any human cell line. X-MAN isogenic cell lines have been generated using GENESIS to ensure only a single occurrence of a desired genetic change with no off-target or undesired modifications. X-MAN isogenic cell lines allow to perform biologically relevant studies where any differences between the mutant and parental cell lines can be directly attributed to the chosen genetic change. Horizon Discovery has used its GENESIS platform to develop a library of 550 genetically defined cell lines modelling the disease-causing mutations found in patients with cancer. Therefore, X-MAN isogenic cell lines help researchers to understand how complex genetic diseases manifest themselves in patients, but they also can reduce the cost of bringing to market new personalized therapies.

CombinatoRx is a fully integrated and highly automated high throughput platform, allowing to screen thousands of drug and other molecule combinations across large panels of well annotated cell lines. Horizon Discovery’s proprietary CombinatoRx (CRx) platform and Chalice Bioinformatics Software provide a way to quantitatively assess how drugs interact with diverse genetic backgrounds using whole-cell based phenotypic screening. Furthermore, GENASSIST is the most comprehensive solution for CRISPR and rAAV gene editing available.

Horizon Discovery is a biotech ranked as one of the fastest growing biotechnology companies in Europe, with a staff of more than 200 people. Horizon Discovery has grown rapidly and now has around 1.000 organisations as customers, including major biotech, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies. Horizon Discovery is based in UK, USA and Austria, and was named European Mediscience Emerging Star Award in 2014.

More about Horizon Discovery : www.horizondiscovery.com

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