InDevR – accelerate vaccine characterization and production

InDevR is a biotech company providing progressive analytical technologies that enhance and accelerate vaccine characterization and production. InDevR is also committed to developing next-generation diagnostic products (tracking of seasonal and emerging influenza viruses).

InDevR – accelerate vaccine characterization and production


InDevR provides the VaxArray Influenza product for rapid quantification of hemagglutinin protein. VaxArray Influenza (formerly Flu-ToC) is a new multiplexed immunoassay for quantifying influenza hemagglutinin protein that accelerates vaccine development by eliminating the need for reference antisera. InDevR also proposes a wide range of other microarray-related products. For instance, Cypher One is a new tool for rapid automated analysis of hemagglutination (HA) and hemagglutination inhibition (HI) assays. Cypher One can standardize analysis and provide a digital, traceable record to enhance quality. Moreover, the Vidia Microarray Imaging System is an easy-to-use, fluorescence-based imaging system for microarrays that is compatible with both standard slides and 96-well plates. Additionally, FluChip-8G is a multiplexed influenza diagnostic providing deep genotyping of 8 flu genes in a simple cost-effective format. Interestingly, custom arrays, or miPLEX, can be printed with both protein and nucleic acid capture agents in a variety of formats, including slides and microplates. Indeed, InDevR’s Research & Development team is committed to developing innovative, cutting edge instrumentation and assays. These tools all support vaccine developers and manufactures by providing faster turnaround time and improved results at an affordable price.

In 2012, InDevR raised venture capital to create a new company: ViroCyt. ViroCyt is focused on expanding the commercial market for the Virus Counter technology originally developed and marketed by InDevR. The Virus Counter provides rapid quantification of viruses resulting in faster, more accurate decision-making in settings that utilize viruses to create lifesaving products (viral vaccine production, protein expression, antiviral drug development, viral diagnostics, etc…).

Founded in 2003, InDevR is a privately held, women-owned biotech company headquartered in Boulder (USA). Management Team is composed by Kathy Rowlen, Laura Kuck, John Birks, Shannon Rodriguez, Erica Dawson, Jeff Ives, Andrew Smolak and Bob Stoughton. Due to its dedication to addressing public health issues, InDevR has received the majority of its funding from agencies such as the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and BARDA. InDevR continues to grow its network of partners in order to expand into new markets, develop innovative technologies, and collaborate with scientists for the evaluation of new products.

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