ProteoGenix – services in molecular biology and immunology

ProteoGenix is a biotech company providing services in molecular biology and immunology (antibodies, peptides, proteins, genes services, etc…).

ProteoGenix – services in molecular biology and immunology


Starting from the synthesis of genes, ProteoGenix develops all the materials required for immunoassay services, including recombinant protein expression, peptide synthesis, polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development, purification, etc… ProteoGenix offers gene synthesis and cDNA synthesis services, as well as protein expression and purification in E. Coli, Yeast, Insect cells (baculovirus) and Mammalian Cells. ProteoGenix also provides a wide range of commercial products (ELISA kits, antibodies, tissue microarrays, proteins, chimera RNAi, molecular biology products, etc…). Furthermore, ProteoGenix develops innovative diagnostic and screening products for cancers. Its routine one hybrid screening platform allows the identification of new diagnostic markers. Starting from well identified genes known to play an important role in cancerogenesis, ProteoGenix focuses on sequences that regulate the expression of these genes. Proteogenix elaborates strategies to screen cDNA libraries to find specific and early markers for the diagnostic of one or several types of cancers (prostate, lung, breast and colon). Each one is validated using corresponding antibodies and proteins. ELISA assays are designed to characterize target expression on human patient serum samples. ProteoGenix’ portfolio is composed by 6 targets at various stages of development.

ProteoGenix, founded in 2003, is based in France and moved in its green facilities in January 2013. Proteo Genix is looking for partners for the latest development stages, the production and the marketing of its kits. Proteo Genix also has a strong need for various patients sera to better characterize the targets at every steps of their development.

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