Talisman Therapeutics – Alzheimer’s Stem Cell Model

Talisman Therapeutics is a human stem cell drug discovery company committed to the discovery of treatments for Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Talisman Therapeutics – Alzheimer’s Stem Cell Model

Talisman Therapeutics

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common neurological disease affecting half of the World’s population over 85, inducing costs of $604 billions (about 70% of these costs occurring in Western Europe and North America). There are no disease-modifying drugs currently available to treat the initiation or progression of AD. Therefore, there is a huge need for the development of new treatments targeting the underlying causes of Alzheimer’s disease and allowing an early intervention before irreversible pathological changes occur.

Talisman Therapeutics proposes human stem cell models of Alzheimer’s disease providing a transformative platform for rapid and relevant compound identification, significantly accelerating drug discovery. Talisman Therapeutics’ top priority is the exploitation of these systems to identify novel pharmacological treatments for Alzheimer’s disease initiation and progression, using in-house drug discovery program but also collaborating with other organizations to maximize the impact of research and development activities. Partners include both large pharmaceutical companies and small biotech businesses but also universities.

Talisman Therapeutics uses novel, proprietary human stem cell models of AD enabling rapid and relevant identification of potentially useful treatments. This innovative approach significantly accelerates drug discovery bypassing the limitations of current neurological drug discovery approaches. These human stem cell models have been optimized to significantly reduce the marked attrition of compounds in late-stage clinical drug development. This technology is unique because human stem cells are used to produce disease-relevant neurons that replicate the different stages of the Alzheimer’s disease process. Therefore, by using human stem cell-based models early in the drug discovery process, Talisman Therapeutics offers several different phases of the disease to target therapeutically and identifies compounds that have much greater relevance to the disease process in the part of the human brain affected by the disease.

Talisman Therapeutics is a spinout from the University of Cambridge (UK). Management’s Team is composed by Mark Treherne, Rick Livesey, Emily Scraggs, James Smith, Peter Kirwan and Sunil Shah.

More about Talisman Therapeutics : http://www.talisman-therapeutics.com/

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