VTU Technology – Pichia pastoris protein expression service

VTU Technology is a biotech company providing services for the fast track generation of high performance protein production processes for biopharmaceutical companies.

VTU Technology – Pichia pastoris protein expression service

VTU Technology

VTU Technology is a leading contract research and development company providing an exclusive cutting-edge Pichia pastoris protein expression platform. Its expertise spans the entire range from gene or sequence to highly productive expression strains, small scale processes and product samples. VTU researchers maximize both throughput and output and therefore drastically shorten the development time from the gene to gram quantities of different proteins. Thus, VTU Technology’s platform is highly appealing for the cost-effective production of enzymes or other recombinant proteins used for diverse industrial applications.Haut du formulaireBas du formulaire

VTU Technology ´s exclusive yield enhancing Pichia pastoris expression platform is based on its AOX1 promoter libraries best suited for economic protein production. This platform facilitates the delivery of unparalleled expression levels with up to 22 g/L of secreted protein within a few weeks development time. VTU´s proven track record includes serum proteins, antibody derived fragments, cytokines, scaffold proteins, enzymes, etc… A cultivation capacity of up to 25.000 clones per week in 96-deep well plates enables the development of customized high performance expression strains with unmatched product yields in minimum time.

VTU Technology is a leading biotech company providing comprehensive services based on exclusive Pichia pastoris protein production technologies. Headquartered in Grambach (Austria), VTU Technology is a private company and a subsidiary of VTU Holding, an Austrian enterprise combining several technologies in chemistry, pharma and life science. This leading Contract Research Organisation (CRO) develops proven cutting-edge technologies applied by an interdisciplinary and skilled team with profound expertise in molecular biotechnology, fermentation development, statistical data management and risk assessment, which together lead to effective solutions for economic protein production.

More about VTU Technology : www.vtu-technology.com

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