Abgent – monoclonal antibody service

Abgent is a biotech company manufacturing primary antibodies with more than a decade of experience. Most of Abgent’s antibodies are produced in-house to ensure high specificity, affinity, and reproducibility.

Abgent – monoclonal antibody service


Abgent meets the ever changing demands of research through a thoughtful target selection process and strengthened validation-standards. Moreover, Abgent continuously improves customer’s experience through comprehensive technical support, a world class website, and an easy ordering process. As most antibodies are produced in-house, Abgent releases over 1.000 new antibodies every year with an emphasis on autophagy, stem cells, and neurodegeneration. Striving for proteome-wide antibody coverage, Abgent offers evaluation size vials for more than 10.000 products.

In addition to products, Abgent also offers the highest quality services. Abgent proposes ELITE Polyclonal Antibody Services including standard or custom tailored packages, antibody purification, additional rabbits for immunization, extended protocol and antibody production. Abgent also offers ELITE Monoclonal Antibody Services including hybridoma growth and maintenance, antibody purification from hybridoma, ascites production, hybridoma clone storage, etc… Furthermore, Abgent also proposes ELITE Modification-state-specific Antibody Services (modified peptides synthesis for immunogen, phosho-, methyl-, acetyl- antibody production) and Antibody Validation Services (Western Blot, Immunofluorescence, Immunohistochemistry, Flow Cytometry, etc… ). Other high quality services include ELITE Peptide Synthesis with fast turn-around time and high yield quality products at specified purity level. Synthesis of difficult peptides, including long peptides, is a core competency of Abgent. ELITE Protein Expression can also be performed, producing recombinant proteins in E. coli, baculovirus, and mammalian cells (CHO, HEK293, etc…). ELITE Custom Flow Cytometry Services (Flow cytometry applications using Intellycite high throughput capabilities) and ELITE Services for Drug Discovery (like recombinant antibody production, antibody conjugation, idiotypic antibodies, antibody sequencing, etc…) are also included in Abgent’s expertise.

Abgent was founded in 2001 and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of antibodies for biological research and drug discovery. Abgent was purchased in October 2011 by WuXi AppTec, a leading global contract R&D services provider serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical devise industries. This acquisition allows WuXi AppTec to provide the highest quality services and products for the worldwide research community and pharmaceutical industry. Abgent’s expertise and experience in biological reagents and custom services has led to numerous recognitions as a first-in-class reagent and service provider. Abgent may in-licenses select products and technologies to offer a wide variety of options for proteomic researchers needs. Based in USA, UK and China, Abgent offers highest quality products and services to its valued drug discovery and pharmaceutical customers. Abgent is worldwide renowned for its exceptional custom services for research and development in academic and industrials sector.

More about Abgent : www.abgent.com

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