Anaxomics – systems biology solutions

Anaxomics is a biotech company committed to the discovery and development of new and better drugs to improve human health.

Anaxomics – systems biology solutions


Anaxomics’ goal is to help the biopharma industry to maximize the value of their discovery and clinical development by leveraging the potential indications of all the compounds in their pipeline, and by identifying and minimizing their potential safety risks. Indeed, Anaxomics offers consulting services based on a systems biology approach to research institutions and companies in the health field. As a part of this effort, Anaxomics has developed Therapeutic Performance Mapping System (TPMS), a proprietary technology that integrates all the available biological and clinical information to create virtual models that faithfully simulate the complexity of human beings. This powerful tool puts the latest breakthroughs in systems biology at its clients’ disposal, opening new ways to accelerate research, maximize the value of their discoveries and de-risk scientific decisions.

Anaxomics is a client-focused company, with strong stress in quality and innovative approaches to solve current bottlenecks in drug discovery and clinical development. A highly qualified team and the strong science behind TPMS allow Anaxomics to provide innovative solutions in many areas related to human health, particularly in basic research, drug discovery and clinical development. The Management Team of the company has many years of experience in the field of drug discovery and clinical development. Management Team is composed by Jose Manuel Mas (CEO), Mireia Coma, Judith Farrés, Teresa Sardón, Laura Artigas and Bruno Brisson. The Scientific Board is composed of scientific experts from independent organizations such as universities and governmental research institutes. Scientific Advisors are Patrick Aloy, Joan Bigorra, Xavier Gomis and Xavier Daura. Anaxomics is a biotech company headquartered in Barcelona (Spain).

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Anaxomics – systems biology solutions – Therapeutic Performance Mapping System – TPMS

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