Appointment of new CEO

Appointment of new CEO

Appointment of new CEO

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 Appointment of new CEO

The Board of Directors of ChemoMetec has decided to appoint the company’s current COO Martin Helbo Behrens as new CEO, effective as of today.

The decision is based on the Board’s assessment that ChemoMetec in the current phase of the company’s development needs a different composition of executive management skills. Therefore, the board has entered into an agreement with the company’s current CEO Rasmus Kofoed to resign from his position as of today.

Martin Helbo Behrens, who is 31 years old, has been employed at ChemoMetec for a number of years. He was originally employed as part of Group Finance, but in 2021 he relocated to the USA to take up a position as first COO and then CFO of ChemoMetec’s American subsidiary. In these roles he has made a significant contribution to ChemoMetec’s high growth and commercial success in the North American market over recent years. After almost three years in the USA, Martin Helbo Behrens returned to ChemoMetec’s head office in Allerød as Deputy COO in 2023 and took up the position as COO on 1 February 2024.

With Martin Helbo Behrens’ in-depth insight into ChemoMetec’s organization, products and markets, and based on the results he has contributed to creating in ChemoMetec, the Board is convinced that Martin Helbo Behrens will be the right profile to head ChemoMetec as CEO in the future.

CEO Martin Helbo Behrens and CFO Niels Høy Nielsen will hereafter form the executive management of ChemoMetec.

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Chairman of the Board Niels Thestrup, ChemoMetec A/S
Phone: (+45) 3370 2000

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ChemoMetec develops, manufactures and markets instruments for cell counting and a wide range of other measurements. ChemoMetec’s instruments are marketed to the pharmaceutical, biotech and agricultural industries worldwide. ChemoMetec’s customers include some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, such as Novartis, Novo Nordisk, H. Lundbeck, Merck, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

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