Axiogenesis – in vitro models of healthy and diseased cell types and tissue

Axiogenesis is an international leader in the development and commercialization of in vitro models of healthy and diseased cell types and tissue. Axiogenesis uses stem cells to revolutionize the fields of drug discovery and development.

Axiogenesis – in vitro models of healthy and diseased cell types and tissue


Axiogenesis develops and commercializes stem cell-derived, in vitro differentiated cardiomyocytes, neurons or other cell types, as well as drug development assays and disease models in order to improve the speed and confidence in discovering new therapies. Axiogenesis has developed the Cor.4U human cardiomyocyte product, derived from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, widely used in applications from single cell analysis to high-throughput screening (HTS) of pharmaceutical compounds. Axiogenesis was first-to-market with Cor.At murine cardiomyocytes in 2008, a pure stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte product. Cor.At cardiomyocytes, but also murine stem cell-derived endothelial cells (Endo.4M) and smooth muscle cells (SMAC.4M) are distributed worldwide by Sigma Life Sciences. Axiogenesis also offers licensing of proprietary disease models, such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM, or Cardiac Hypertrophy), for compound screening and value-added fee-for-service assays for drug discovery, in vitro toxicology and safety pharmacology.

Axiogenesis recently developed human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived dopaminergic neurons (Dopa.4U) and iPSC derived peripheral neurons (Peri.4U) which represent a suitable in vitro models for efficacy, safety and toxicology studies due to their reproducibility, predictivity and availability as ready-to-use cells for various applications. These models are available in cryopreserved vials of 2 million viable cells and Axiogenesis’ highly standardized cell production ensures consistency and reliable quality in each cell lot.

Axiogenesis is a biotech company based in Cologne (Germany) with Heribert Bohlen and Bernd Fronhoff in the Executive Board, Michael Vogel, Klaus Frobel and Carl-Peter Gerlach in the Advisory Board, and Pedro Brugada and Andreas Engert in the Scientific Advisory Board. The business objective of Axiogenesis lies in the area of pre-clinical biotechnology with the production of stem cell-based assays that enable drug development. These innovative and proprietary assays accelerate and improve drug candidate selection, but also lower costs and thus increase overall drug development efficiency.

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Axiogenesis – Heribert Bohlen – Bernd Fronhoff – Michael Vogel – Klaus Frobel – Carl-Peter Gerlach – Pedro Brugada – Andreas Engert