Nanolive – 3D Cell-Explorer

Nanolive is a biotech company specialized in living cell tomography. The “3D Cell Explorer” uses laser light to make live scans of cells. After placing the cellular specimen in the 3D Cell Explorer, it will perform a continuous rotational scan and will display the 3D structure of the cell within a second. Thanks to Nanolive’s software, named STEVE, it will be possible to digitally stain the cell with different colors and obtain its 3D reconstruction in real time.

Nanolive – 3D Cell-Explorer


Every cell is unique and has its own structure and complexity. Nanolive has developed a disruptive technology which allows users to explore the inside of a living cell in 3D without any labeling or other invasive methods. The 3D Cell Explorer is a very powerful, self-adjusting, holographic and tomographic microscope. The final version of the 3D Cell Explorer will be very small and light, measuring approximately 40cm x 40cm for a maximum weight of 15kg.The 3D Cell Explorer allows the researcher to record stunning 3D images of entire cells in few seconds, with a higher resolution than any conventional microscope on the market. To share and explore your results, the cells can be printed using 3D printer or 3D holograms, or can be directly viewed on 3D-beamers or in 3D animations. Furthermore, supplementary services will be available soon through Nanolive’s Cloud Biotech Apps and Communities, making the 3D Cell Explorer the first cloud microscope!

With the 3D Cell Explorer, no need for sample preparation or manual calibration. After positioning your sample, the microscope will instantly self-adjust to get the best possible images of your cells. Using a patented processing technique based on complex deconvolution, Nanolive’s technology can correct for many imaging errors that otherwise require ultra-precise alignment and expensive optical components. This microscope will be very useful to discover the world of living cells : cell division, cell morphology, cell differentiation, drug monitoring, cell-cell interaction, intracellular trafficking, etc… STEVE is the 3D Cell Explorer’s software counterpart using GPU-accelerated 3D processing, versatile statistical analysis tools and quantitative staining based on physical markers (refractive index).

Nanolive joined the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne (Switzerland) in November 2013, leaded by Yann Cotte (CEO) and Fatih Toy (scientific advisor). Andreas Kern and Sebastien Equis soon joined Nanolive as co-Founders to lead the software development and hardware construction respectively, while Charlotte Tengelin was recruited to lead the marketing and business development efforts since May 2014. Nanolive’s team grew even further during spring 2014 by hiring Lisa Pollaro as Communication Manager, Sorin Pop as Software Engineer for Image Processing and Nicolas Pignier as Mechanical Engineer.

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