Synexa Life Sciences – biomarker expertise

Synexa Life Sciences is a diversified biotechnology company manufacturing high value, difficult-to-produce microbial secondary metabolites for pharmaceutical industries. Synexa uses a combination of traditional and proprietary cell culture technologies coupled with advanced automated purification systems in their production process.

Synexa Life Sciences – biomarker expertise

Synexa Life Sciences

Synexa Life Sciences is a medical biotechnology company offering a wide variety of products and services to the scientific community. Synexa developed eleven compounds used as tools to understand the pathophysiology of diseases, with a special interest in compounds targeting signal transduction pathways. Synexa is also developing new diagnostics for Tuberculosis, HIV and Malaria in partnership with various multinational analytical equipment development companies. Synexa recently developed a new standard for flow cytometric analysis of lymphocyte (LymphoSure) to overcome the inconsistent scatter properties and poor shelf life encountered with existing commercial standards. LymphoSure can be used as an IQA and for qualifying reagents in a flow cytometry lab. LymphoSure is compatible with the full range of equipment and is provided in three pack sizes, in both Normal and Low CD4 ranges.

Synexa also provides specialized clinical trial laboratory services for biopharmaceutical industries, offering a deep scientific insight and an extensive portfolio of biomarkers and non-routine laboratory analysis. The Biological Activity Screening unit identifies the biological activity and chemical characteristics of a specific compound or an organic extract. The sophisticated analytical chemistry lab includes a Waters FractionLynx platform, allowing Synexa to determine and separate out the individual molecules responsible for the biological activity identified. Synexa’s Analytical Chemistry Services are able to quantify and/or identify compounds of interest in a variety of matrices (pesticide residue testing, Food safety, Target Compounds, etc…) using the latest LC/MS-MS and GC/MS-MS.

Synexa Life Sciences, based in Cape Town (South Africa), was created in 2001 by 3 co-founders : Paul O’Riordan, Patrick Bouic and Justin Devine. Synexa was also funded with two local venture capital funds, Bioventures and IDC, and supported by Cape Biotech, an organization helping to develop South Africa’s emerging biotech industry. Synexa has built an interesting set of biotech-related businesses. Its novel Quorus Bioreactor is a significant innovation in scalable, disposable bioreactor technology used to manufacture a range of compounds for biopharma companies that are extremely difficult or expensive to produce using traditional fermentation platforms.

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