Barentzymes – enzyme based solutions

Barentzymes is a biotech company addressing the need for enzyme based solutions in industrial biotechnology and is focused on the development of new original enzymes from the rich genetic resources of the High North.

Barentzymes – enzyme based solutions


Barentzymes contributes significantly to meet the growing demands for the future “bioeconomy”. Through partnerships with public R&D centers, this biotech company facilitates identification and production of new industrial enzymes for the international market. Enzyme products for the bioindustries have generally significantly shorter development horizons before they reach their respective markets than highly specialized enzymes for pharmaceutical applications or diagnostics. Barentzymes has a customer-driven business model and its work begins with the specified customer’s problem. Thus, the customer defines the direction of Barentzymes’ development activities, and then the bioinformatics team will consequently determine the search profile within the sequence material available. Barentzymes will then analyze possible candidates using a unique sequence-based screening platform. Its strategy is to take advantage of Norway’s unique marine resources and of strong scientific expertise in enzyme research to develop new enzymes with favorable features for industrial processes. Barentzymes are combining the skills of these two research groups (bioinformatics + wetlab) for the benefit of rational target definition. Barentzymes’ wetlab activities are focused on rational development processes at high throughput by minimizing manual work that to the largest extend will be outsources in order to optimize speed. Barentzymes’ key activities include small-scale fermentation to generate enough enzymes for characterization of enzyme properties and matching with customer specifications.

Barentzymes was established December 2013 and is headed by Jan Buch Andersen (CEO) and Lene Lange (CSO). Barentzymes is based in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Tromso (Norway). This biotech company employs 9 people at the Wetlab in Tromso and 6 people at a business development and bioinformatics office in Copenhagen. Barentzymes initially focused on bio-degradation of biological resources for food and non-food applications. Barentzymes is now actively pursuing collaboration projects as a rational way to increase and optimize throughput for new commercial introductions of enzymes.

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