Adaptimmune – engineered, increased affinity T cell receptors

Adaptimmune is focused on T cells to target and destroy cancer by using engineered, increased affinity T cell receptors (TCRs) as a means of strengthening natural patient T cell responses.

Adaptimmune – engineered, increased affinity T cell receptors


Adaptimmune uses T cell therapy to treat cancer. Indeed, cancerous or virally infected cells will present peptides of abnormal cancer proteins on their surface in association with HLAs. This offers a “molecular fingerprint” (epitope) for T-cells from the immune system to identify. Adaptimmune’s technology enhances the natural TCR affinity to cancer protein epitopes on the patient’s cells for therapeutic benefit in autologous T cell therapy. Creation of engineered TCRs starts with identification of a T cell clone from which the TCR α and β chains with the desired target specificity are cloned. This TCR is then engineered to contain a novel disulfide bond to allow for stable soluble production of α and β chain dimers which reproducibly enable validation and characterization of the TCR. Then it undergoes PCR directed mutagenesis at the complimentary determining regions of the α and β chains and these mutations are screened to select mutants with enhanced affinity. The best candidates are then cloned into lentivirus vectors to allow functional testing in T cells against panels of normal and tumour cell lines. The TCR engineering process is the core strength of Adaptimmune and provides a continuous pipeline of novel TCRs.

Adaptimmune is a bientech company based in UK and USA. Board of Directors is composed by Jonathan Knowles, James Noble, David Mott, Elliott Sigal, Ian Laing, Ali Behbahani and Peter Thompson. Management Team is composed by Bent Jakobsen, Helen Tayton-Martin and Gwendolyn Binder-Scholl. The technology enabling the affinity enhancement of TCR is patented by Adaptimmune, co-owned with Immunocore Ltd (formerly Avidex/MediGene). Adaptimmune entered a strategic cancer immunotherapy collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline to develop and commercialize novel cell-based therapies in June 2014. The companies are also co-developing other TCR target programs and collaborating on further optimization of engineered TCR products. Adaptimmune will co-develop its NY-ESO-1 clinical program and associated manufacturing optimization work together with GSK.

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