Genaxxon – molecular biology products

Genaxxon provides a complete range of molecular biology and cell biology products, as well as custom services.

Genaxxon – molecular biology products


Genaxxon BioScience is a biotech company specialized on products and services in the fields of molecular biology, mainly PCR, peptide synthesis, cell biology, protein analysis, synthesis of chemicals on customers demand (cell culture media, sodium diatrizoate, PCR buffers, etc…). While focusing on classical molecular biology products, Genaxxon also developed and offer new products like a Taq-Polymerase with red dye for better visualization of pipetting steps (RedTaq), polycarbonate capillaries for the LightCycler(R) or a special Hotstart Polymerase with Proof-Reading activity. Indeed, Genaxxon offers interesting tools for molecular and cellular researchers: N-terminal biotinylation of Protein, DNA-Purification Kits (JustSpin Gel Extraction columns, Tissue Genomic-DNA Purification Mini Spin Column Kit, etc…), Protein Purification Kits (CentriPure columns for protein purification, CentriPure Z25 Mini Spin columns, Glutathione MagBeads, Immunosorb A / Protein A resin, Rho1D4 Agarose, Rho1D4 MagBeads, RhoStarterset, etc…), Transfection reagents ( ScreenFect A Transfection reagent, ScreenFect siRNA Transfection reagent, etc…). Genaxxon also proposes a wide range of DNA Polymerases (DF Taq Polymerase, ExactRun proof reading Polymerase, Pfunds proof reading polymerase, Pwo proof reading Polymerase, RedTaq, ReproFast proof reading Polymerase, ReproHot proof reading Polymerase,Taq Polymerase E (high efficiency), Taq Polymerase S (high specificity), etc…) or PCR Kits and Mastermixes (BluePfunds MasterMix proof-reading PCR, LongMax PCR Kit, PCR Mastermix, RedTaqMastermix, SuperHot Mastermix, HotStart Taq PCR Kit, GreenMasterMix, ProbeMasterMix, SuperHot Taq PCR Kit, etc…).

Genaxxon was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in the Technology Center Söflinger in Ulm (Germany). Management Team is composed by Nina Ivanova, Sabine Paul, Norbert Troendle, Helmut Killman, Ümmügülsüm Yildirim, Constanze Muranyi, Michael Aggensteiner and Arno Wiedemann. The focus of Genaxxon BioScience GmbH’s business is the production and sale of products for PCR as DNA polymerases, DNA purification kits, Mastermixes, etc… As these products have to be analyzed and tested extensively to guarantee reproducible high quality products, Genaxxon has implemented analytical capabilities that can be offered also for external services (amino acid and protein analysis, etc…). Besides this focus, Genaxxon also offers custom made production for chemicals and solutions (custom made cell culture medium, chemical solvents, chemical compounds, etc…).

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