BATAVIA BIOSCIENCES – Accelerate Biotechnology

BATAVIA BIOSCIENCES – Accelerate Biotechnology

BATAVIA BIOSCIENCES – Accelerate Biotechnology

Batavia Biosciences is a biotechnology company with the mission to significantly contribute to ease human suffering from disease by improving the success rate in the translation of candidate medicines from discovery to the clinic.

Hereto, the company offers services and has developed a portfolio of technologies aimed to improve product yield, reduce process development time and increase product stability. These technologies have amply demonstrated to improve speed and reduce cost in biopharmaceutical development, accelerating the journey from bench to clinic.


Batavia Biosciences offers end to end biopharmaceutical development services for large and small pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, academia and non-profit organizations. Our services include viral vector and protein expression vector construction, generation of viral vaccine seed stocks, mammalian cell line and microbial strain generation, transient protein production, upstream and downstream process optimization, medium development, assay development, product characterization and clinical manufacturing.


STEP® technology increases protein expression in CHO cells with at least 10-fold, taking a mere 14 weeks to generate stable cell clones. STEP® is a novel plasmid based expression platform. By means of a highly stringent selection our platform achieves extreme high protein expression levels in CHO cells without the need for gene amplification or time-consuming rounds of cell sub cloning.

The SCOUT® platform integrates scaled down, high throughput cell culture systems with high throughput purification and analytical capabilities. In combination with a comprehensive Design of Experiments (DoE) approach, we can rapidly generate functional product data, accelerating candidate selection and driving efficient process optimization. Rapid product quality analysis for example allows clone selection not only based on yield but also on product quality attributes such as glycosylation, aggregation and potency.

The SIDUS® technology platform originates from our in-depth experience and complete protocol system concerning the manufacture of viral vectors for vaccines or gene therapy.


Batavia Biosciences employs a highly educated staff with many years of experience in DNA cloning, mammalian cell line generation, upstream process development (mammalian, microbial & insect cell platforms), purification development, product characterization, and clinical manufacturing. As such the company is well positioned to take on any challenge associated with the development of complex biological medicines be it proteins, antibodies, vaccines or viral vectors.


The Quality assurance team at Batavia Biosciences has ample track record in supporting successful IND and IMPD programs. The team works closely with its sponsors to ensure that the appropriate documentation is delivered in a timely manner according to the requirements defined in a Quality Agreement. The Batavia Biosciences QA and QC department is intimately involved in the release of your product. Batavia Biosciences has successfully supported a number of IND’s and IMPD’s covering diverse biopharmaceuticals both novel as well as biosimilar products.


Batavia Biosciences was fully operational in Leiden, the Netherlands in January 2010. In 2012 we launched our US subsidiary in Woburn, MA. In 2015 the company opened an office in Hong Kong to serve the growing order portfolio in Asia.

In Woburn and Leiden, Batavia Biosciences currently occupies 27,500 ft2 of BSL-2 R&D facilities with dedicated mammalian and microbial vaccine and protein suites up to 100 L production capacity.

Batavia Biosciences also offers a fully equipped BSL-2 GMP facility up to 200 L scale.

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