Beckley Retreats Celebrates a Year of Growth and Accelerating Demand for Legal Psychedelic Retreats

Beckley Retreats Celebrates a Year of Growth and Accelerating Demand for Legal Psychedelic Retreats

Beckley Retreats Celebrates a Year of Growth and Accelerating Demand for Legal Psychedelic Retreats

LONDON, March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Beckley Retreats, a psilocybin retreats and holistic wellbeing company, has achieved more than double its previous year’s revenue in 2023, and has facilitated psilocybin retreats for more than 350 participants in Jamaica and the Netherlands since its inception. The company also announced a round of extremely positive feedback in the form of an 83 Net Promoter Score in 2023 and new and expanding initiatives for the coming year.

In addition to its paying guests, Beckley Retreats funded $150,000 in scholarships in 2023 to participants from low-income or underserved communities. It also hosted free retreats for 21 veterans of military conflicts as part of an ongoing program with Heroic Hearts and Imperial College London to explore the effects of psychedelic therapy on Traumatic Brain Injury. Both the scholarship and veterans’ programs are slated to expand in 2024.

“We truly are changing lives and setting the standard for psychedelic retreat programs,” said Neil Markey, co-founder and CEO of Beckley Retreats. “2023 was a year of incredible growth and accelerating potential for the psychedelics sector broadly, and our success at Beckley Retreats represents the ongoing acceptance of the remarkable potential of these compounds.”

Beckley Retreats is part of the expanding Beckley Waves ecosystem of mission-driven psychedelic organizations, which have all been founded or co-founded by Amanda Feilding and dubbed the “Queen of Psychedelics” by The Economist. Feilding has co-authored over 80 peer-reviewed scientific studies and was a friend of and thought partner to psychedelic pioneers such as Albert Hofmann, Sasha and Ann Shulgin, Terence McKenna, and many others.

“My experience at Beckley Retreats changed my life… I wish I would have recognized the value of this transformational experience earlier in my career,” said Jim Macphee, former COO of Disney World at the Walt Disney Company. “If you want to fundamentally accelerate every aspect of your life – at work or at play – it’s clear both from quantitative and qualitative views this is the transformative path that will change the world.”

About Beckley Retreats
Beckley Retreats is a leading psilocybin retreat and holistic well-being company offering self-development programs in the Netherlands and Jamaica. The startup belongs to the Beckley Waves ecosystem and the Beckley Foundation – one of the world’s top psychedelic research institutions led by Amanda Feilding, dubbed the “hidden hand” behind the renaissance of psychedelic science. Through this connection, Beckley Retreats has direct access to modern psychedelic science, implementing this research into its programming and protocols. In addition to its psilocybin retreats, Beckley Retreats has expanded its operations to include research collaborations, thereby helping to set a precedent and best practices for the re-emergence of psychedelics in modern society.

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