BigDNA – innovative cancer therapies

BigDNA is a biotech company developing small molecule cancer therapies using a novel delivery and drug activation technology. This proprietary technology is designed to increase the therapeutic window of the delivered drug but also simultaneously reducing non-specific toxicity.

BigDNA – innovative cancer therapies


BigDNA is a small molecule cancer therapy development company, originally set up to commercialize a patented bacteriophage vaccination technology. Recent technical developments at BigDNA have led to discover a novel class of small molecule cancer therapeutic. This new class of molecule is currently being developed in conjunction with the US NIH National Cancer Institute’s Developmental Therapeutics Program. Whilst BigDNA still retains its rights to the patented bacteriophage based technology, recent developments have seen it expand its core competency to the development of small molecule cancer therapies, mainly targeting B-cell lymphoma multiple myeloma. Therefore, BigDNA’s main purpose is now to develop human cancer therapies exhibiting increased efficacy, lower toxicity and greater stability. This BigDNA’s technology uses a proprietary delivery and release approach targeting anti-cancer agents to the tumor before releasing them within it. This increases the effectiveness of the drugs but also simultaneously reduces non-specific toxicity.

BigDNA was founded in 2007 and is located in the Roslin BioCentre, close to the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh (UK). Management’s team is composed by John March (CEO), Rhys Roberts, Christopher Hunt and Steve Bull. Originally funded by the Proof of Concept Fund from Scottish Enterprise, with subsequent funding from the Genomia Fund, BigDNA is now a capitalized company, with a wide portfolio of investors to allow the development of small molecule cancer therapies through to phase I trials. BigDNA has a product development program built on key products and an active research arm, aiming to develop the core platform technology and to expand the range of tumor types targeted. BigDNA is actively looking for new academic or industrial partners who may be interested in research and development using this innovative platform.

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BigDNA – small molecule cancer therapies – drug delivery – drug activation

BigDNA – small molecule cancer therapy – bacteriophage vaccination technology – bacteriophage – Roslin BioCentre – John March – Rhys Roberts – Christopher Hunt – Steve Bull – Genomia Fund – Proof of Concept Fund