AllCells – primary human cells

AllCells is a biotech company providing high quality hematopoietic cell products and bioservices, like cell based assays, in-vitro expansion or differentiation, in-vitro characterization, etc…

AllCells – primary human cells


AllCells is a reliable provider of more than 150 primary cell types and related RNA and cDNA from normal and disease-state tissues. Cell types include stem cells (CD34+, progenitor, etc…), endothelial, hematopoietic, dendritic, HUVEC cells, etc… Unlike cell lines, transformed or immortalized primary cells retain original phenotypes and thus better reflect in vivo metabolism, morphology and growth characteristics. Therefore, by providing a reliable source of human primary cells, AllCells helps in vivo-like research. AllCells also offers immunoassays services. Immunoassays are a robust detection method for cellular response and protein expression/secretion. AllCells’ immunoassays services include ELISpot, ELISA, luminex assay, immunoassay screening, multiplex assay and Human Donor HLA Typing. Furthermore, AllCells also proposes genotyping services, focusing on genomic DNA extraction (gDNA extraction) for mutation analysis, HLA genotyping, and Fc-gamma Receptor IIIa (CD16a typing.).

AllCells developed 20 years of experience in performing hematopoietic stem cell assays. Hematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC) potential is measured by myeloid colony forming units (CFU) in a semi-solid culture environment. After addition of cytokines, unipotent progenitor cells give rise to colonies with macrophages (CFU-M), granulocytes (CFU-G), megakaryocytes (CFU-Mk) and erythrocytes (BFU-E), while stem cells give rise to colonies with multiple lineages (CFU-GEMM and CFU-GM). Furthermore, Long term culture-initiating cell (LTC-IC) assays are used to identify the most primitive HSC able to maintain its multipotency after long term culture. AllCells isolates Mesenchymal Stem Cells/Multipotent Stromal Cells (MSC) from multiple sources, including cord blood, bone marrow, dental pulp and adipose tissue. MSCs possess multilineage differentiation potential, including chondrocytes, adipocytes, neurons, osteoblasts and myocytes. AllCells proposes custom services for the quantification of MSC using colony forming fibroblast (CFU-F) assays and characterization of MSC derived chondrocytes, adipocytes and osteoblasts.

AllCells was founded in 1998 and is based in Alameda (USA). AllCells is a global provider to industrial and academic research laboratories, government institutions, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

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