GenCell – composite liquid cell

GenCell’s technology offers a unique, all-in-one solution that facilitates a fully automated library preparation workflow from sample preparation for next generation sequencing to genotyping and cell screening.

GenCell – composite liquid cell


GenCell developed a proprietary processing technology delivering greater efficiencies for biological research labs. GenCell’s Composite Liquid Cell (CLC) technology allows researchers to perform biology within “synthetic cells”, providing an ideal environment for automated and miniaturized biology without the risk of cross contaminations. CLC technology is adaptable to many different instrument configurations and applications. GenCell introduces this revolutionary Composite Liquid Cell technology on its fully automated Genotyping platforms. These systems perform high throughput genotyping using the novel microfluidic technology. Patented and award-winning composite liquid cell technology allows for smaller sample sizes, open architecture microfluidics and eliminates plastic consumables. Thus, GenCell’s instrument library preparation systems for next generation sequencing are uniquely designed to help researchers gather more data quicker and at less cost. GenCell’s solutions include purification of nucleic acids from various sources, viral pathogen detection, quantitative PCR, blood bank screening, etc… Gencell’s unique sample processing approach provides researchers with full automation (sample in – answer out), unparalleled throughput, high sensitivity, and unrivaled cost savings. Gencell works with public researchers and biotech companies to design automation solutions that conforms particular screening needs, sample preparations specificities, etc…

GenCell, based in Limerick (Ireland) and Madison (USA), is a privately owned company founded in 2011 and currently employing over 60 people. This wide-ranging skills group of scientist and R&D engineers is collaborating with biotech companies and academic institutions worldwide to develop Gen-Cell’s next generation automated systems for biological analysis.

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Gencell – Composite Liquid Cell – CLC – next generation sequencing – genotyping – cell screening – synthetic cells – microfluidic technology – library preparation system

Gencell – Composite Liquid Cell – CLC – synthetic cell – microfluidic